Harris on name change, offense; Scaife talks moving to left tackle

Stefan Adams
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New season, new name.

Sophomore RB Cam’Ron Davis is now officially on the books as “Cam’Ron Harris” after his name change was enacted on the roster this week.

“It’s nothing personal, I just wanted my dad’s name,” said Harris. “I just feel comfortable with `Harris.’”

Harris has also made changes to his body, going from 11% body fat last year to 6.8% this spring while adding more muscle to his frame.

“My body changed a lot,” Harris said. “I’ve put on muscle, weighed in at 205. I feel I’m faster, stronger, have ability to cut.”

The Hurricanes will trot out a new and improved offense in 2019 with offensive coordinator Dan Enos now running the show. Harris sees big things for Miami’s attack unit once they become comfortable in their new digs.

“The offense is going to look good,” Harris said. “Once we get this playbook down pat, it’s going to be awesome.”

Getting the offensive line to perform up to par will have a big impact on if Harris’ off-field improvements will translate to the gridiron in 2019. However, Harris is confident with the group Miami is running out on the first team this spring.

“I’m very comfortable with all our O-Linemen. We just have to get the playbook down pat,” Harris said. “We’re going to get better and better every day. We’re all going to be comfortable.”

The direction of how high the offense can go will be dictated by the QB’s performance and Harris feels both N’Kosi Perry and

"I see them getting better and better from last year. The stuff we did last year was hard,” Harris said. “This year they came with a different mindset - we're going for the natty."

**Sophomore OL DJ Scaife was Miami’s primary right tackle in 2018, but this spring, he is making the transition to the other side of the line to play LT. To Scaife though, it’s not really anything new.

“It’s been kind of good. I’ve been playing it since high school, the right side was new to me last year,” Scaife said. “I’m basically used to this side.”

Working behind Scaife at LT has been sophomore Kai-Leon Herbert and freshman Zion Nelson switching off on the second team. Scaife has been vocal with them this spring to help improve their games.

“I say just keep working, they just have to get used to it,” Scaife said.

Miami returns only two linemen (Scaife and Navaughn Donaldson) that were in their 7-man rotation a year ago and will need to get a bunch of new faces up to speed this spring.

“We’re coming together tighter as a family,” Scaife said. “On the field, we’re doing kind of good, but it’s not the standard, we want the standard to be high.”

Another new addition is on the sidelines, where new OC Dan Enos and OL coach Butch Barry have come in with a different style of doing things.

On Enos: “He’s like a genius in the offense. When he describes stuff to us it opens up my mind the way he describes it.”

On Barry: “He’s a technician. I can tell he has an NFL mindset still coaching in college football. He has high intensity.”

What’s his take on where the offense is at right now?

“It’s a work in progress,” Scaife said. “I can tell we have different varieties of offense. Sometimes we’ll be in the gun, sometimes under center.”

Miami is working in a new cadence for the QB’s to call out instead of the clap from last season, and according to Scaife it is going smoothly.

“Everyone caught right on.”

**Speaking on the new offense, sophomore TE Will Mallory says he’s excited for the possibilities that are now opening up for the tight ends.

“The whole playbook opens it up for the tight ends,” Mallory said. “We have a great opportunity.”

New offensive coordinator Dan Enos has brought a more detail-oriented scheme to Miami and Mallory sees his teammates buying in so far.

“Oh, he’s awesome,” Mallory said of Enos. “He’s an intense guy but he’s a great coach. When he’s talking everyone listens. A very, very smart coach and has a lot to offer. We have to buy into what he’s giving us, pick it up and hopefully roll with it.”

The Canes have shown plenty of two TE sets in their formations this spring and it’s clear they will play a huge role in Enos’ offense.

“We have to perform on the field and hopefully they trust us now to get it done during the season,” Mallory said. “We have to let the coaches trust us and do our best. Everyone is excited for what the offense can do and each individual.”

Mallory missed the final two games last season with a minor knee injury, but says he’s been full-go this entire spring.

“It took a little while going into February and March,” Mallory said. “Once spring came about, I was ready to go.”

How has Mallory adjusted to the new cadence that Enos is incorporating into the offense?

“Very different, a lot more in the offense that we have to learn that helps us,” Mallory said. “It’ll be difficult for defense to read that and understand what we’re doing. We have to keep buying into it, learning it.”

**Sophomore WR Dee Wiggins gave his take on what it is like catching passes in practice from two of Miami’s QB’s that have not really seen action at UM in-game – Tate Martell and Jarren Williams.

On Martell: “What I can say is he’s going to make mistakes as a quarterback, it takes practice. But he’s a great quarterback - he works fast, moves fast, picks up things fast just as well as Jarren Williams and N’Kosi Perry. He’s an all-around quarterback, just has to work more with the playbook.”

On Williams: “Jarren is a great quarterback, I love Jarren. He’s a pocket quarterback, an all-around quarterback.”

Wiggins added that he has put on 15 pounds of muscle since last season to help with the physicality of defensive backs at the college level.

“I still move fast, just have to be more aggressive,” Wiggins said. “It helps me a lot, without DB’s pushing me out of the way I can just run right through, use my strength.”

Only 4 practices in, Wiggins has already seen a big difference working with Dan Enos running the offense as opposed to Mark Richt.

“Working with Dan Enos is great,” Wiggins said. “He gets on us when we make mistakes, that’s what we need. He’ll yell at us, tell us, just snap on us to get right.”

Aside from the coaches, what else is different at “The New Miami”?

“There’s more competition with the receivers, quarterbacks, DB’s,” Wiggins said. “It makes it more fun.”

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One of the most under-discussed (whatever the word is) things with Enos is the TEs

Don’t want to make this a Richt thread but one glaring frustration was how our TEs would disappear from the gameplay at times (despite being dominant)

Enos is gonna let these two beasts eat
Killa Cam looking and sounding like he's not planning on staying past Year 3.

That's a good thing btw.
Huh? You could say that about everyone. **** you could say that about people on this board. No idea what the **** you are getting at with that statement.
All three players are going to have banner years I’m thinking. Harris will be a workload candidate at RB, Mallory should eat aplenty at TE especially in the red zone, and Wiggins will be working a lot out of the WR corps. All in all, exciting to hear them all say great things about Enos and his offense. Looks to be fantastic things for our offense this season.
Stefan putting in work.
"My body changed a lot,” Harris said. “I’ve put on muscle, weighed in at 205. I feel I’m faster, stronger, have ability to cut.”
In HS was an official 10.94--100m sprinter.
Translation: He is focused on going to the pros ASAP and is putting in the work to get there.

(Didn't think that was too hard to decipher, honestly)
I think every kid in college is focused on getting to the pros and puts in the work to get there.
How idiotic were these dumb *** coaches last season. Should’ve just left the right side of the OL alone & kept Scaife at LT. Truly stupid MFers we had on staff.

I’m so glad Searls & Richt are gone. Trash *** coaches

Not only that, The rotations were the most ridiculous. One series donaldson at guard the next series hes at tackle. Playing musical chairs with the lineman in game is one of the worst things the staff did last year.
Best thing about the article is getting rid of the clapping SMH