Gurvan Hall wants the #26

Gurvan Hall wants the #26

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Gurvan Hall is one of Miami’s prized longstanding commitments who has not wavered in his pledge since announcing. Hall will sign on Wednesday morning and enroll in January.

Hall explained how his official visit this weekend felt more like a culmination of hard work before they begin their college careers.

“We all knew each other for a long one since last year at summer time — so just getting back around everybody’s family and other people was a blessing,” Hall said. “Each and every last one of us is ready to get back there to work.”

As an early enrollee, Hall knows there will be a period of learning how to navigate college responsibilities.

“I just need to get adjusted to campus life and all of us just have to trust the process,” he said.

The dynamic safety commit will room with running back Lorenzo Lingard.

“We actually have a lot in common. We both run track, we have a good time when we hang around each other too,” Hall said.

I asked Hall who faster — him or Lingard? He responded without hesitation.

“I’m faster — He’s gonna say he’s faster, but one day you’ll see.”

“The 2017 class is getting us close to being a national champion, but the 2018 class is going to get everybody a ring. We’re bringing the U back,” he said.

Hall then claimed that he wants to wear the #26 jersey at The U.

“The 26 is back,” Hall boldly stated.

A Miami source said that it has not been officially decided that Hall will wear the number, but he is definitely expressing the interest to do so.

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he is the one who shouldve gotten it. In fact if the cuck had signed here hall wouldve taken the number and told judas to pick another number
That’s the guy Sabag really wanted. He settled for Kaindoh’s Kuck.
Hall is going to give opposing WR nightmares when they think of going across the middle

This kid will be one of the greats here when it’s all said and done
He got my blessing......put it on Hall u cant be 26 without wearing 26 at miami
That number should be tradition. Each person who has the privilege to wear it should pass it on to the next person when the time comes. Has to b e a person who is a freak athlete but is also Miami to the core. No wavering commitments, shady visits, or suspect tweets. Should be the proverbial passing of the torch.
Judas Jobe will know he ****ed up bad when he sees Hall ballin out of control in the #26 , while he's stuck on the sideline in that kkk state.
Lo and Hall- Future Alphas and team captains.

Give him 26 and make him wear a patch in honor of ST on his jersey. I really like that Clemson does that. Make ST's name be on there for 3 years.
I am in the retire #26 camp. I like Hall a lot. But no one should be given that #.
Hall and jobe, 2 totally different personalities
should be retired, or given to players who ball out as a reward, like if Jaquan was given 26 to wear next year because he was was an all American that would be cool

would be like the turnover chain almost given to the best DB returning

diamante should get it in a few years as he's his cousin
Yep QB George Mira, HB Jim Dooley, DE Ted Hendricks, and QB Vinny Testaverde!