Greg Rousseau midseason highlights

Greg Rousseau midseason highlights

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami commit Greg Rousseau, who is being recruited to play defensive end at UM, added 20 pounds in the offseason and it is showing during his senior campaign.


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kid could be a monster here. doesn't let anything around him. looks like he has a long wing span. crazy.
I still remember dumbasses like [MENTION=1279]gogeta4[/MENTION] bashing this freak. What a clown. This dude was a FREAK even as a junior.
He's better than Demetrius Jackson was at the same age. Definitely a take.
Holy ****, he has that lenord Floyd build to him.

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Real unique prospect. Haven't seen a kid with his physical attributes in a while.
We'll just need to get him on that foie gras force feeding diet
Intriguing prospect for sure. Kool special
WTF? Is this dude 6'10? dude look big as ****!! Long arms to.

I was suspect about him but his length alone is something to watch. Not to mention, he plays a little bit of WR so you know he has the athleticism to play DE at the next level.
Huge wingspan, Poor competition. He has upside...i like hima s an OLB...Kul with added weight will use him as a de...lets see how it works...hes a unique prospect.

Could end up John Square or Michael Johnson from GT a few years ago.
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don't want to be accused of serving up a sh*t sandwich to the defensive coaches, but this kid could end up at TE. Not saying it will happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it did.
have you seen our other 2 te commits? 95% sure he's not gonna be a te here.
I see that Kool like these long, lean, athletic, fast types!
6-6 225

Joe Jackson
6-5 240

6-4 225