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GGOTW Live Thread: Deerfield Beach vs. Palm Beach Central

GGOTW Live Thread: Deerfield Beach vs. Palm Beach Central

Cory Grimes
GrimeTime Game of the Week

Broward vs. Palm Beach in the quarterfinals of the 8A playoffs. Jaylon Knighton leads Deerfield Beach against Akeem Dent and Palm Beach Central. Some top tier athletes will take flight tonight. Believe that. Kickoff is at 7:30. Stay tuned for updates

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Dent playing offense as well as returning kicks on top of his defensive duties
The Deerfield Beach DJ is the Player of the Game so far. Hasn’t missed on a song yet. My highlights gonna be shaky because I can’t help but to dance
Morelands pass is picked off byDB linebacker Brandon Moses. Buck ball at PBC 35
Knighton hurdles defender and gets first for Deerfield
Knighton finishes the drive with a 5 yard TD run. 14-0 DB on top
Moreland overthrows a wide open Robinson. Would have been 6. He looks rattled
If PBC offense can’t find a rhythm, Deerfield Beach is set to run away this in the second half. Let’s see how they respond