Friday Recruiting Chatter - 11/30

Friday Recruiting Chatter - 11/30

Stefan Adams
**QB Recruiting: as previously reported elsewhere, CIS has confirmed Mark Richt will be going in-home FSU commit QB Sam Howell in North Carolina today. While this is nice to think about, keep in mind that Howell told the Noles 247 site just yesterday that he will be signing with FSU on Dec. 19 and will no longer take visits. Allowing Richt to go in-home seems like a courtesy, and nothing more… Elsewhere, Jon Richt has been all over the country to see the two new 2020 QB offerees, Ethan Garbers (CA) and Tyler Van Dyke (CT). Another future trip he may make next week would be to Texas to see 2019 Texas Tech QB commit Maverick McIver, who just had his future head coach fired and has been in touch with Richt in the past week. The interest is there from Miami, but it’s too early to say if they will extend an offer; a lot will depend on how good a vibe Mark Richt gets from Howell on his in-home. If Mark or Jon Richt do head to see McIver in person, though, an offer is all but assured.

**Another FSU commit that Miami is planning to make a run at: Madison County 4-star CB Travis Jay, who already holds a Miami offer. Jay has been wavering from his Noles’ commitment and has already been open to listening to pitches from Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama. Still a developing situation here, but if there’s mutual interest, Jay could get an in-home in the next week.

**With UM LB commit Anthony Solomon, I moved my pick to Michigan back on Tuesday after talking to a St. Thomas source, but we now have conflicting sources, with one saying the Wolverines will be the choice and one saying Miami. There seems to be a little more confidence on the Michigan side of this situation, so I’m keeping my pick on Michigan, but this is not over yet whatsoever and I would not be surprised if Solomon ended up with Miami. There will surely be some drama here in the coming weeks. A new potential replacement option at LB could be James Gordon IV, a Minnesota commit from Plant City who got an in-home visit from Patke yesterday. Gordon is still waiting on an official offer.

**OL Recruiting: as previously reported elsewhere, CIS has confirmed OT Evan Neal will be taking his official visit to Miami this weekend. Neal has been a heavy Bama-lean for a month or so now, and this will be Miami’s last chance to generate some movement to try and swing him back to the orange and green. If it doesn’t happen this weekend, it never will. … I checked in with Wake Forest OT commit CJ Elmonus yesterday; he has not currently set up a visit to Miami and the staff is not scheduled to go in-home with him as of now. Time is running out and this recruitment is trending away from Miami… As I’ve intimated for the past month or so, sources close to the recruitment continue to feel like Miami is in a good spot with Miss. State OT commit Darius Washington. I’m not ready to pick UM yet, and right now, it’s a 50/50 proposition at best for the flip, but those chances will go up if Miami can get him back on campus again in the next few weeks.

**Coming off his official visit last weekend, Miami continues to trend positively with NY defensive end Adisa Isaac. The 4-star placed the Canes in his top 4 last night, and sources close to the recruitment say Isaac was impressed with how well UM’s defensive line played on Saturday against Pitt and feels Jess Simpson can develop him for the next level. UM also offered two more prospects yesterday from the Empire State associated with Isaac; 2020 RB Lamy Constant, Isaac’s teammate at Canarsie, and 2019 DT Jared Harrison-Hunte, who is good friends with Isaac. Behind the scenes, the Canes are really pushing the idea of a “New York Movement” to Coral Gables and pitching the crew on playing together in South Florida at the next level, which has generated a lot of excitement among the group. It would be a massive win for the staff to pull Isaac from the Northeast and Penn State at the last minute, and UM has certainly put themselves in a great position to do just that in a short amount of time.

**I put in a pick to Miami for WR Jadon Haselwood two weeks backs and I wanted to explain that a bit. I was close to putting a Miami pick in for Haselwood after his official to UM for the FSU game last month, but I wanted to see if the buzz coming off his visit would die down at all as time passed. If anything, the Miami talk around Haselwood and his camp has only intensified since then, and a source close to the recruitment feels strongly that Miami will be the pick barring a late move from UGA. Miami just needs to hold on for another month or so when Haselwood makes the call on Jan. 5th.

**As for future in-home visits being scheduled: Matthew reported earlier in the week that coach Banda would be going in-home with Miss. State S commit Martin Emerson in Pensacola today and that visit is still on. Miami OC commit Kingsley Eguakun will receive an in-home visit on Sunday from coaches Richt, Searels, and Dugans. Miami DT commit Jason Blissett will get an in-home from Richt and Simpson next Monday. DT Jared Harrison-Hunte will be getting a visit from Manny Diaz and Jess Simpson next Tuesday. RB Mark-Antony Richards will be getting an in-home next week, but has not yet set an exact date. There will be many more to come and you can follow all the in-home action during the contact period with our tracker *here*.

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That’s news on Jay...

Noles seem to think he is one of their most solid guys. He is a stud though, hopefully he can atleast give us a visit.
That’s news on Jay...

Noles seem to think he is one of their most solid guys. He is a stud though, hopefully he can atleast give us a visit.
Isn’t he a nole legacy? Wouldn’t waste my time
Thank you Stefan.

On Solomon: I think that the litmus test could be how the staff will behave with the others LB interested (Brown, Gordon, Yarde).

If Miami intensify their recruitment means Solomon is gone IMHO.

I’m glad to see that we made some moves on the FSU commits because they do the same to us everytime (Brownlee and maybe Huff).
No in home visit talk for Stevenson? Has he hosted any coaches since the period opened?
Forget about Texas Tech QB Maverick McIvor, TTech just hired Utah States HC and OC so that young man will not be going anywhere other than to Tech to play in David Host wide open offense.

Miami should try and Go after 2019 Josh Calvin who was committed to Host at Utah State.

Go Canes
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@Stefan Adams maybe this has been asked before, but do you know any reason why no interest in Scalzo?
Hard pass on Scalzo. He's turnover prone and has the propensity to do too much at times. Gibbons win last week solidified that for me. Yes, the offense was less explosive but the offense remained on track the whole game. Good player but I don't see him ever playing at Miami. Let Kentucky have him.
@Stefan Adams my understanding is that Haselwood is signing early in the December period but announcing on Jan 5th at the all star game. Technically coaches just have to hold on for a few more weeks.
What uncommitted guys you feel the most confident in?
There are truly no words for Mark and Jon's continued handling of QB recruitment. Good lord.

It's like they went into hibernation with QB recruiting for both 2019 AND 2020 after losing the battle for Michael Johnson Jr. to Penn State, then woke up after the season ended and said to themselves 'we should probably make it seem like we're doing something'.

They've finally identified a possible target this late in the game, but still haven't pulled the trigger on offering him with early signing day less than 3 weeks away. It's not like McIver is some late bloomer either. He's been sidelined due to injury since early September.

And now, after they lazily cast the slimmest net possible in 2019, they've now offered a pair of 2020 QBs whose skill sets couldn't be more opposite of MJJ's. It's as if even they don't know what type of QB they want leading their offense.
Man sounds like getting Neal to stay would be one of staffs biggest gets. Where’s his cousin in this? Is he still helping? Come on Cleveland
Yikes on the QB front and OL. Two big weak spots that don't seem to have the necessary reinforcements on the way.

When Neal is on his official someone needs to kidnap him and not allow him to leave. ****, see if he wants to suit up for the bowl game and get a head start on next season.