Florida State Gameday - Week 10

Florida State Gameday - Week 10

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
They hate us. We hate them. Hurry up and kick it off already.


For the past two weeks everyone has been watching old highlight videos by Spooner and Canesfreak. For the past two weeks everyone has been waiting with bated breath for updates on the health of Ereck Flowers. For the past two weeks everyone has been monitoring the insane amount of recruits that will be in the stands Saturday night. For the past two weeks everyone has had that familiar knot in their stomach. After the longest bye week in history, it's finally here...Florida State gameday has arrived. Nothing like a game against your biggest rival to get the blood boiling.


Duke is ready. Kaaya is ready. We are ready. Lets ******* do this.


Where: Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium

Who: #3 Florida State Seminoles (9-0) vs. Miami Hurricanes (6-3)

When: 8:00 pm/et


Official message for this game: Carpe ******* diem.

Vish said it better than I ever could in this post here. Just win this game.


History tracker: Duke needs 252 yards to move into first place in Miami history.


Last time they met: November 2, 2013


What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

From last year's gameday thread:

Sad that we are still game planning to make things easier for our senior qb and they have redshirt freshman executing their offense to a t

I forgot how bad Morris was in the 2nd half of that game. I blacked out after Duke broke his ankle.

Know your enemy: Tomahawk Nation

What they're saying: The last time Miami won a home game against Florida State.

Some ******* said:
...In September 2004, Jeff Bowden's Florida State offense featuring Chris Rix could not figure out a way to adjust to Miami repeatedly blitzing Antrelle Rolle off the edge. The Seminoles built a 10-0 lead without scoring an offensive touchdown, managed just 2.6 yards/play, and collapsed in the final minutes as Miami forced overtime. In overtime, the collapse continued, as Chris Rix fumbled a shotgun snap, and Frank Gore did the rest for the Canes, who won 16-10...

Some really C- level attempts at trolling in that post. The last time we beat Florida State in our own stadium Jameis Winston had yet to rape anyone (allegedly).

Miami Notes

1. Miami will be honoring the 1989 National Champions at halftime.
2. The Canes hope to jump out to a quick lead.
3. Coaches explain why the defense is playing better.

Florida State Notes

1. The Noles plan to hit Kaaya early and often.
2. FSU is searching for weaknesses in Miami's improved defense.
3. Florida State is a glorified penitentiary.

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Miami Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart:




Florida State Roster Stuff

Two-deep depth chart:




Game Day Character:

Yoda said:
Do, or do not. There is no try.




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For the past two weeks everyone has been watching old highlight videos by Spooner and Canesfreak.

This lol....

And before i forget **** Florida state!

#BeatTheStreak #Canes #****FSU
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I very much wish Duke could get all 252 and then some tonight to make up for those ******** breaking his ankle.



Lets go Canes!

Knock **** the **** out!



There goes your win streak, and your chance at the playoff you sorry *** mother****ers!
Get the feeling we're gonna be chuckin it around the yard tonight
12 hours til I am either drunk and happy or drunk or ****ed. At least I will be drunk
We have to win

We have to stop their reign of terror