Florida State Game Day - Week 8

Florida State Game Day - Week 8

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Once again the Hurricanes face off with the football team from Florida State. Get hyped.


Florida State is a disgrace to society, and not just because it used to be both a clown school and an all girls school. The reason FSU should be ashamed of themselves is for having such a racist nickname and logo. It's pretty disrespectful if you ask me. On top of that, it's even more racist to have a white, frat guy dress up in red-face and parade around like an indian on a horse. How classless do you have to be to have Chief Osceola as a mascot? I'm appalled.


My Little Renegade on the other hand, is a much more ethnically-tolerant mascot.


I think I'm only going to refer to FSU as, "the football team at Florida State" from here on out. I recommend all of you do the same thing. If my favorite team was so blatantly racist, I'd be compelled to perform ritual seppuku on account of all the shame. That's my recommendation for every Florida State fan too. Not for the name, just for being born.

In case you haven't heard, Miami is a record 3 touchdown underdog, has no chance to win, and will get blown out in embarrassing fashion. Apparently we're supposed to be scared, and we've been written off by everyone all week. For some reason Miami still agreed to play the game. Weird. I hope Miami can some how hold them to under 80 points. It's really a shame for us that this rivalry has always gone as scripted. Nothing bizarre or fluky has ever happened either.

The manner in which ESPN is hyping up this game is rather odd. One minute they're saying, "OMG, it's a meeting between 2 rival teams that are both ranked in the top 10!!!!!" Then they proceed to breakdown the match ups, which consists of talking-heads trying to 1-up each other in trashing us. Whatever. KICK IT!!!!


Every game with FSU is tough, but this time around brings a special combo of long odds and big stakes that we haven't seen around these parts in a long time. Not having Phillip Dorsett for this game sucks. He's the best receiver we have at stretching out the opposition's secondary. The rest of the receivers will need to have big games in his absence or else FSU is going to stick 35 players in the box to stuff the run. Also, someone on the defense is going to have to lead that group and keep those guys calm because FSU's offense ain't no joke. What I wouldn't give for some Al Blades type stuff from somebody.




Where: Doak Campbell Stadium

Who: #7 Miami Hurricanes (7-0) vs. #3 Florida State Seminoles (7-0)

When: 8:00 pm/et

4 story lines for UM in this game:

1. Can Miami's big time players make big time plays?
2. Can Miami's OL take it to FSU's front 7?
3. Can Miami win the turnover battle?
4. Can Miami's Defense keep Famous **** at bay?

If Duke Johnson and Stephen Morris were an ECW Tag Team, they'd be the Impact Players:


Whenever a big, impactful play on offense happens they're behind it. The problem is that outside of the 1st quarter against Florida, they've been anything but impact players against legit defenses. Morris' struggles are well documented, but in Duke's short tenure here in Coral Gables he hasn't faired much better. Duke averages 7.6 yards per carry against unranked teams. When facing ranked teams (KSU, ND, FSU, and UF), just a pedestrian 2.9 per carry. When the clock hits all zeros at the end of the game tonight, if the best player for us was someone other than these 2, we lost.

In defense of Stephen and Duke, our offensive line has been pretty weak in these games, which has led to/aided their poor performances. While not a display of skill, this gif symbolizes how much FSU bullied our offensive line last year:


Seriously, if you asked me to make a list of Miami linemen to most likely get rag dolled like that, Feliciano would be at the bottom. Anyway, last year James and Duke combined for 52 yards on 16 carries. Take away the -23 yards Morris lost by getting sacked 4 times and Miami only had 29 yards rushing as a team. Our offense did practically nothing for 3 quarters against the only legit defense we faced this year (Florida). Expect FSU to stack the box and make Stephen Morris beat them passing. When the game ends, if we've got over 150 yards rushing, I think we win.

Our team has remained undefeated this long by forcing timely turnovers. Without them we definitely lose to UF and UNC. Wake Forest probably goes to overtime too. So given the fact that we've proven we can do it all year, that's enough data points to suggest that it's how we roll. We'll need to do it again, if not for the change in momentum or field position, but for the simple fact that it's 1 less possession that FSU can get points.

After surviving the Tebow era, I'm not sure if my jimmies can handle going through another 3 to 4 years of media slurping toward the QB of an instate rival. The difference being that Winston is actually talented and has a future in pro football. I have no idea what our coaching staff has planned for him, but I gotta think/hope they're going throw the kitchen sink at this guy in terms of different blitzes and coverages. If we let him just sit back and play pitch and catch like we did with Bryn Renner, I'm gonna have to turn the game off and watch some old Doctor Who.

Last time they met: October 20, 2012


What we said in our recap:

Me said:
...4th Quarter:

On the first play, Manuel spots Benjamin running down the sideline and lofts a jump ball his way. Kacy Rodgers gonna Kacy Rodgers. He had no clue where the ball was. Benjamin had time to do his taxes before catching it. FSU is now in the red zone. 4 plays later Freeman stretches the ball over the goal line. 23-13 FSU.

Duke is now being treated on the sideline. Eventually he leaves the field and doesn't return. After the game Golden said Duke got an X-ray, but wouldn't divulge any specifics of his injury. I hope #DukeWatch next week is a lot more interesting than #MorrisWatch was. UM goes 3 and out again.

FSU is running all over UM at this point and bleeding what's left of the clock. FSU has to kick another field goal though and it's 26-13 FSU...

We were pretty big underdogs at home last year. It was a 3 point game heading into the 4th quarter before FSU finally pulled away. We're a **** of a lot better as a team this year. I'm not saying...I'm just saying.

Know your enemy: Tomahawk Nation

What they're saying:

Bud Elliot said:
I have to admit, this doesn't feel like much of a rivalry game.

Miami is a top-10 team in ranking only. Certainly not in play or talent.

The Hurricanes have been extremely lucky to come away with single-score wins against three teams in Florida, North Carolina and Wake Forest, who have a combined 10-9 record against teams other than Miami. Elite teams consistently blow out bad competition. Miami has not done that.

But make no mistake. Miami is a better team than it was in 2012 by a good bit. They are indeed bigger and stronger, thanks to many of their youngsters growing up. They make fewer defensive mistakes than in previous years.

But much improved does not an elite team make.

How can the Hurricanes hang with Florida State and avoid losing by 21+?

The approach will be very important. Is Miami's primary goal to win? Or, knowing that hundreds of recruits will be in attendance, with Virginia Tech on deck, and a likely rematch against Florida State in just six weeks at the ACC Championship Game, is Miami's primary goal to avoid being blown out?

This is probably offensive to some Miami fans, but I think it is a real question at issue.

And I don't necessarily think the strategy completely eliminates the opportunity to win...

Gif that sums up the bolded portion:


This guy...FSU fans are really into themselves right now. Yes, the Miami coaching staff should totally devise a game plan to make us lose closer than Vegas thinks, just to prevent FSU from covering the spread. Now we know the talking points of FSU fans if we lose. If FSU covers, they'll claim they took Miami's best shot and still blew us out. If they don't, they'll claim Miami was only interested in trying to keep it close, and not going for the win.

This is the same ******ry that spewed out of Gainesville on a regular basis during Meyer's tenure. Back in 2008 Urban and his players made comments to the effect that we weren't trying to win, but merely keeping the game close to avoid embarrassment. Randy Shannon was too busy crying about a field goal to point out the obvious lapse in logic, which is that the whole point of the game is to prevent the opponent from scoring as many points as possible. So in the event that FSU fails to cover the spread, be on the lookout for this bull**** narrative/excuse over the next few days and weeks.

Miami Notes

1. James Coley returns to his old stomping grounds of FSU.
2. Miami isn't getting much respect nationwide.
3. It's been 24 years since Leon County's worst tried to arrest Sebastian.


Florida State Notes

1. Jameis Winston sucks.
2. Devonta Freeman sucks.
3. Jimbo Fisher sucks.


Favorite Florida State related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


Miami Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Miami Injuries
10/20/13WRPhillip DorsettKneeOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLDanny IsidoraFootOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLHunter KnightonShoulderOut For Season

Florida State Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Florida State Injuries
10/29/13WRKelvin BenjaminHandProbable
10/27/13RBJames Wilder Jr.ConcussionQuestionable
10/23/13LBMatthew ThomasShoulderOut For Season
10/10/13DBTyler HunterNeckOut For Season
10/04/13OLIra DensonShoulderOut For Season
09/16/13OLWilson BellKneeOut Indefinitely
08/30/13RBMario PenderEligibilityOut For Season
08/21/13TEJeremy KerrKneeOut For Season
08/21/13TEKevin HapleaKneeOut For Season
08/15/13WRWillie HaulsteadAcademicsOut For Season
08/14/13WRJarred HagginsKneeOut For Season

Game Day Character:

Headset Guy seems apropos.




Comments (19)

Great job Dan. All of us need to act like men .Both the football players and the fans. The U is getting better but we are not back yet. But every once in a while a team has a transformative game. The UF game was one and helped propel us to where we are now. If we lose take it in stride Prepare to beat VT and win the coastal. Lots of things can happen in the 4 games after this one. If we win its hold the fort keep calm and finish off the season undefeated. I just dont think FSU is that much better than last year and we are a lot better. That suggests this will be a close game and we have a chance to win it.
It seems that the whole country wants to see the U fail . i hope they are very disappointed.
I don't know if I ever wanted to win more.
These next 2 weeks define our program in the since if were back now or a couple years away

Just win baby!!
Turnovers will decide the game.

I got plenty of pepto-bismal for these ***** I don't like: northrup, thomas, joyner, o'leary, freeman, goldman, benjamin, wilder, jernigan, bryant, ANY and ALL ****** fsu fans in the State of MIAMI---cause all these mofos about to be Siiiiiiiick

Been a loooooooong week. Gonna be a loooooooooong day. I need to be rewarded for my patience.

A win tonight should do it.
The off-season defined this team...they bought in...talent means nothing if you don't take instructions.
No need for words, no need for hype or music. This said enough

Time to go to work
Been ready since last night. My breakfast today, don't judge me.



god i love primetime but i hate the day long wait, I'm pretty sick so i can't really do anything till game time, I'm gonna be bored as **** the next seven hours
No fear, no worries, I just have this feeling we're going to come out firing. This is the game it all comes together.