Florida Fire Recap

Florida Fire Recap

Video Recap:

MVP: 2020 Athlete Xavier Restrepo:
Restrepo dominated on Sunday night from start to finish. He played both receiver and DB and did not lose a rep the entire night, although he did not catch every pass because the QB play was not all that great. Restrepo is not the biggest or the fastest guy out there, but he has a love for football that few people have. Even when the Fire coaches told Restrepo to sit down so that he wouldn't get hurt he still found his way onto the field both on offense and defense. His competitive nature makes him really fun to watch.
Guys Miami needs to look at:
There's not a whole lot here because I didn't have a roster, but I'll try my best.
St. Thomas 2020 DB Colby Dempsey- If Restrepo was the top performer, Dempsey was right behind him. The only reason I gave the nod to Restrepo is because the only time they went against each other Restrepo won the rep. Aside from that, Dempsey was lock down all night long. Dempsey may only be 5'10'', but he was still one of the most dominant corners Sunday night. Dempsey excelled in both press coverage and playing 5 yards off. Dempsey showed off athleticism, ball skills, and great coverage skills.
Deerfield Beach 2020 WR Bryce Gowdy- Gowdy is a guy that did not compete because of an injury he sustained during the season, but I am putting him on this list jest because of his size. Gowdy is listed at 6'2'' 180 but looks as if he could be 6'3'' and over 200 pounds. He almost looks more like a tight end than a receiver. This is all potential and I'm not saying Miami should offer right now, but this is someone that Miami needs to bring down to a camp because the size is all there.
Recruiting notes:
- There has been contact between Miami and Xavier Restrepo since Manny Diaz became the head coach. Coach Diaz has said that Restrepo reminds him of himself, undersized but a great competitor. At this point I do not know how hard Miami will push for Restrepo or if Coach Stubblefield will want Restrepo in the 2020 class. Restrepo will visit Kentucky this upcoming weekend.
- Colby Dempsey does not have many offers right now, but since he just recently decided to transfer from Dwyer to St. Thomas he could begin to get more attention soon. Right now the schools talking to him the most are Kentucky and Syracuse. If Miami were to offer they would immediately be up near the top of his list. UF is another school that could make a big move just by offering.
High School Football Notes:
This may have already come out, but I haven't seen it on twitter so I'll post it here. St. Thomas and Miami Central will both be in California this upcoming August. Central will be taking on St. John Bosco High School while Aquinas will go up against Mater Dei.

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Why do you think UM isn’t all over Restrepo?
It's amazing the number of kids that mention they have an offer from Kentucky.
Colby transferred from Dwyer to STA this offseason.

Palm Beach boy with good coverage skills, played WR at Dwyer too.
Would live to have another Berrios.

**** this guy is in the Switzer, Campanaro mold and they were animals in college.
And Restrepo was originally from Monarch High in Coco Creek.

He was teammates with Rousseau before Rousseau transferred to Champagnat.
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People were hoping Restrpo would keep growing and be a safety

I still wouldn’t be suprised if UM re-offers with new staff
He's 5'10 and doesn't blow you away with speed.
Restrepo is one of those type of kids that should always be recruited. He may never truly start however (not saying that he can’t), he will contribute on Special Teams, and in a reserve capacity. He will make some big plays in his career that will win football games. You need these type of players that work super hard and don’t let physical ability limit them. That’s one of the big mistakes the U makes, they only recruit players that fit their prototype.