Fall Camp Early Portion Summary - 8/9

Fall Camp Early Portion Summary - 8/9

Stefan Adams
**After news broke last night that junior LB Michael Pinckney was seen walking around campus in a walking boot, Pinckney was dressed off to the side in practice watching on with no walking boot. UM communications did not want to comment, only saying Mark Richt would address it during the interview session later in the day. Walk-on fullback Michael Parrott (who has worked at both 2nd and 3rd team this fall) also joined Pinckney on the sidelines.

**Without Michael Irvin II, everyone in the TE rotation was simply bumped up a peg. Brian Polendey worked with first team and caught passes from Malik Rosier today, with Brevin Jordan working with the two's, and Will Mallory with the three's. The group noticeably got much more work today and coach Todd Hartley expanded the route tree during drills.

Much of the routes were focused inside the 20, instead of the usual 30-40 yards out. The TE's ran back of the endzone corner routes, waggle routes to the middle of the endzone, post to the middle of the field, crossing routes across the middle and into the endzone, and out routes. As a whole, the group did very well, no noticeable drops, and everyone seemed zoned in and focused to make an impression. Hartley was also playing defense on the guys in the endzone, something he doesn't usually do, which made practice a little more entertaining.

**At safety, there was also a bit of a shakeup, as both Amari Carter and Gurvan Hall saw work in drills ahead of Robert Knowles today.

**The receivers went three wide to run routes for the first time today, although nothing has changed from the previously reported depth chart. Ahmmon Richards and Lawrence Cager were first team on the outside with Jeff Thomas in the slot. Second team was Darrell Langham and Brian Hightower on the outside with Mike Harley in the slot.


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I know the Freshman will pass him, but I never thought a school with our TE tradition would ever have "Brian Polendey was working with the 1's"
Thanks for the info Bro....Definitely need Pinckney healthy. Gotta to bring in Mr. Miyagi to rub his foot/ankle like on Karate Kid.
**At safety, there was also a bit of a shakeup, as both Amari Carter and Gurvan Hall saw work in drills ahead of Robert Knowles today.


I’m taking the rest of the day to celebrate this. I could cry I’m so happy
This thread should be renamed- "Everyone beat up on Knowles like a Mexican Piñata thread."
He's going to see the field no matter what anyone says. If he can block and move the chains. That's all i care about at this point.

Can he? You have more insight than any of us. He looks stiff in the few clips I have seen, but you would know far more about him.