Dudley Gordon Enjoys Junior Day

Dudley Gordon Enjoys Junior Day

Tito Benach
2014 Cypress Bay (Fla.) Athlete Marquese Dudley Gordon was one of the many prospects who was in attendance for Miami Junior Day two weekends ago.

“The Miami Junior Day was a lot better than what I expected. They showed me a lot of new things they are building and showed me a lot of things I didn’t see last year when I went.”

Gordon took part in multiple activities while in Coral Gables, including looking at the past trophies, as well as viewing Miami Hurricane gear. However, the athletic safety did like one aspect of Miami the most out of all.

“The big thing I liked about Miami was the education part. The way they help their students and their athletes to help them get into great careers.”

Gordon got a chance to speak with Head Coach Al Golden while on his visit and spoke about what he thinks of him.

“He was asking how we were doing and how was school, He is a real nice guy and he was just asking how we liked the school so far.”

While Gordon currently does not hold and offer from the ‘Canes, Miami is one school that is high on his list.

“Miami is the only school I have heard from about their great academics. They didn’t move too much, but they are really at the top.”

Gordon is planning to make it back down to Miami for the Rivals Camp on March 24th and will be looking to have a good forty-yard dash time.

Comments (15)

Like this kid way better than Quincy Wilson at safety.
This is a new name to me.

How good is he? Any highlights or measurables?
Wow, he already took his OV last summer?
Dont think you can take OVs until your senior year.
favorite player this cycle off of name alone

little sunshine as well iirc
his bro was the lb a few yers ago that fans wanted to give an offer in Shane Gordon (Chaminade) plays for Pittsburgh...we would have a HUGE shot if offered..his mom runs the sho and she is a cane i believe
Dudley-Gordon looks like a really good athlete. Still love Quincy Wilson as a prospect.
This kid had a great game vs Columbus in the playoffs.