Dixon Enjoys Miami Camp

Dixon Enjoys Miami Camp

Tito Benach
2014 Dwyer Receiver Johhnie Dixon was one of the top receivers at Sunday’s Al Golden Football camp as he displayed his talents and competed versus numerous prospects.

“It was a good experience. I didn’t do all the drills but I did the route running. It was fun.”

Dixon was working with other big time prospects including receiver Travis Rudolph and Miami QB Committ Brad Kaaya.

“It was fun working with those guys, I work with Travis a lot so thats the usual, but it was a new experience working with Brad (Kaaya) and all the other quarterbacks.”

The speedy receiver was talking to both receivers coach Brennan Carroll and Head Coach Al Golden and enjoyed the different conversations they had.

“They were telling me that I was running good routes and that they want me to be apart of the family there.”

The Dwyer product seems to have built a great relationships with both coaches including one outside of football.

“I love coach Carroll, not only as a coach but as a person also. I love coach Golden too, he is a great guy.”

One aspect that Dixon appreciates about coach Carroll is his sense of humor.

“Coach Carroll is funny, he brings a good sense of humor into everything which is good for anything especially recruiting.”

One prospect that was consistently chatting up with the Boca native was Miami commit Brad Kaaya

“He was just telling me they want me to come with him to Miami and he is a good quarterback he has a good arm.”

Dixon still claims no leaders but does admit Miami is a main school of interest.

While Dixon is still planning to take his visits, he is looking to make a decision in the near future.

“I wanna make it as soon as I can.”

Dixon is planning on visiting Miami during the summer again.

*Dixon rated the camp a "10 out of 10"
* Looking for early playing time and somewhere his parents are comfortable with

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Adding Dixon and Rudolph to last year's WR class (Coley & Griffin) would be ridiculous.
Not judging him based on stars or ranking, but Scout has him ranked 48th WR in the country. That has to be a typo.
Not judging him based on stars or ranking, but Scout has him ranked 48th WR in the country. That has to be a typo.

If there are 47 receivers better than him in the country, this is the greatest WR class in history.
Don't mind me while I FAP to this...
Miami is in the lead and he will choose them soon. I think Miami will get Dixon and Rudolph at WR Lane is down to Bama and Miami and right now it's looking like Bama right now. Can't blame him after seeing Cooper give work this year but WR is the last position Miami should worry about right now.
lane dixon and rudolph would be one of the best wr classes in the country.
its crazy we say dixon is getting slept on but rudolph is getting slept on even more
I like the direction we are going in recruiting. Taking our strength and building on it.
These guys coupled with last years guys and our current receivers would be sick. I still wish jean-louis was here but we are stacked!
Lane should stay home and not be a sellout traitor like Cooper and Cristobal.

You think a Bamar kid would turn his back on his city to come play for Miami when WR were winning titles?

Miami could have a better QB then, and more WR options so Lane wouldn't get doubled. Miami has stunk for years and years and still have more WR's in the league than Bamar.