Dexter Williams shoots down de-commitment rumors

Dexter Williams shoots down de-commitment rumors

Nash Williams
For weeks now rumors have been running wild about 2015 running back Dexter Williams' commitment to the University of Miami.

Williams, Jordan Cronkrite, and Jordan Scarlett are all currently committed to Miami for the class of 2015. Three elite running backs and possibly a fourth if Mark Walton gets reclassified like he is currently trying to do.

If all four guys somehow wind up signing with Miami come February, getting carries is going to be in question for all four guys with so much talent and depth on the roster. What does Dexter Williams have to think about this?

"If they sign all four of us, it would not really matter to me to be honest. Football is competition and you always have to fight for your position. All of us would be a great set of backs so I mean we could really do some great things on the next level. I mean we all will just have to get used to it," said Williams.

The four running backs just finished competing at Nike's 'The Opening' in Oregon and Williams says the group of backs got to hang out and talk a little bit about the whole situation.

"I guess you could say that we came to a conclusion that the best man wins you know? But aside from that, we are all excited that we are committed to 'The U' and we just plan on doing big things together," said Williams

However, for Williams, his situation is a little different than the other three backs. Williams is being recruited more as an athlete. Miami is planning on using him out of the backfield, using a little motion with him, and even lining him up at slot on certain occasions.

"I mean (the coaches) tell me they like how versatile I am and the different ways they want to use me. They said they like how I can catch the ball and be explosive with it which makes me excited knowing they want to use me in different ways," said Williams.

However, Williams has to take all things into consideration when it comes to recruiting, especially what his family thinks about where he goes. It also just so happens, his family is full of die-hard Florida Gators fans.

"My family would prefer I go to UF for sure. I mean, my whole family is Gator fans. All the way back to my granddad it has been Gators, Gators, Gators in my family. I mean I just got off the plane from Oregon and my dad asked me if I was thinking about the Gators," said Williams.

"When I committed back at the spring game my family was definitely supporting me because when it comes down to it, as long as I get to play on the next level they are happy."

Just over a month ago, Williams said he was 80% committed to Miami. As of now he says he is 90% committed to Miami but still would like to visit USC and Michigan.

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Cane I've seen this before it happens to us all the time, whole family cane fans but I'm going to Ivy League
God blessed us by having all 4 at the opening to talks at least to talk about the possibility of playing together. It's awesome.
Got to give it to the kid... he's going against the grain especially with the family... I would certainly love to have his speed and style of play. It does seem very different from the other backs... Go Williams! Go Canes!!
I'm not writing him off like many. If he cared so much about the gata, he wouldn't have committed or would've decommited by now.
Honestly I couldn't blame this kid if he ended up decommitting because of the pressure his family is going to put on him. But I also think that shows just how much he likes Miami that he is going against his entire family and still choosing us. Either way he's going to need to be recruited until NSD.
Plus I hope Walton stays 2016. If that happens I completely believe we Keep Scarlett and Cronkrite, Williams.
Scarlett and Williams are the two best players in this class, IMO, and I really, really hope he doesn't succumb to family pressure to flip to UF. His versatility and home run ability would be invaluable to this offense.

Nice work on the interview, Nash. Great stuff.
its hard to believe we got 4 guys at the same position that are not afraid of each other
Key to everything will be Walton staying as a 2016 prospect. Just makes more sense.
we need williams in this class. I hope he stays committed to miami. would love for him to be running and catching the ball in that orange and green.
I'm not black, so I ask out of pure ignorance, but how the **** can any black family be Florida fans? Especially this kids grandfather? He probably wouldn't have been allowed into a game not 40 years ago.
I'm not black, so I ask out of pure ignorance, but how the **** can any black family be Florida fans? Especially this kids grandfather? He probably wouldn't have been allowed into a game not 40 years ago.

isn't Miami a PWI as well?
He knows UF RB's don't *ish in the NFL! Not even his family can argue that... but I can understand the family pressure affecting him
Seems like most of you guys are begging this kid to decommit. Which is crazy. Just because his parents are Gator fans doesnt mean that he wants to go there. Remember how Cook's family wanted him to go to UM? Tell me how that worked out.
kid is going to de commit soon. he just needs a reason
This kid loves Miami, the staff, and the opportunity. If he is happy, then his family is happy. They want him to achieve his goal of playing college football.