Darling: I'm Still 100% Committed

Darling: I'm Still 100% Committed

Tito Benach
2014 Miami Central (Fla.) tackle Trevor Darling has stated before that he was firmly committed to Miami. After visiting Miami today for Junior Day, that commitment is even stronger.

“It was good experience. I had fun communicating with some of the coaches and I had a lot of fun.”

Darling spoke about a lot of the activities including the campus tour and seeing the new facilities.

“We took a tour of the campus and we saw some of the new buildings and talked to us about what they are going to do with the program. I feel as if the program is going in a good direction.”

Darling’s favorite part of Junior Day was speaking with the cane coaches and also shared his thoughts on coach Kehoe.

“Just communicating with the coaches. I think coach Kehoe is a great guy, he can give you some good advice and he is a great guy to talk to.”

While Darling is already committed to Miami, he did admit that the Junior Day did help Miami.

“It definitely helps Miami. I’m still a hundred percent committed.”

One task the powerful offensive lineman is trying to do is trying to sway Clemson Commit Dalvin Cook, who was unable to make the Junior Day.

“I’m still working on Dalvin. I just tell him it’s a good school, come out and see what they are about see where they are headed and see with his own eyes.”

Darling hung out with other recruits during the day including 2014 running back Sony Michel.

“Basically we were just talking about Miami.”

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next time you drop one of these recruiting nukes can you give us a heads up to prepare our body's thanks
Go head and sway cook. Cook and michael would be too much for opponents
Man this kid is BIG and TALL. I remember standing next to him we lost to Grayson and i was surprised at how Tall he was
Thanks Tito, appreciate the update.
I want ******* Cook and Sony, but I think a lot of schools would be ok "settling" with Sony. If Al lands both I quit.
Dalvin cook, Sony Michel, Ermon lane, Khari Clark, Kasey McDermott... OMG holy ****ing sh*t!!!
Chad Thomas and Darling. Who else am I missing?

I ******* love south Florida football.
This 2014 class could be one of the best, if not the best, classes in UM history!!!
Man this kid is BIG and TALL. I remember standing next to him we lost to Grayson and i was surprised at how Tall he was

ya...about 6'5 310-315.

I'm telling you i went to a miami dolphins game...and he was there getting an award for player f the week...and kid was on the dolphins sidelines and looked like one of THEIR lineman.

@Tito - do u know if Trevor is still planning on being an EE?
its like i want to be objective and say thiers a chance sony goes to UGA but every time i just ask myself why? going to have a great NFL sized line with great receivers, from the look of thing right now hes going to be on the field alot (shot to our D because the couldnt stop anybody last year) and we are going to win at least nine games this year #Crazy