Couch: "I'm 100% committed to Miami... I'm shutting it down"

Couch: "I'm 100% committed to Miami... I'm shutting it down"

Stefan Adams
Chaminade-Madonna 4-star CB Te'Cory Couch has been a UM commitment for two months now and used Paradise Camp as a way to get closer with the other pledges in Surge19.

“It was fun. I had a lot of fun talking to the coaches and the current players that are there,” Couch said on Paradise. “I had a great time out there.”

The Canes have pegged Couch as mainly a nickel corner at the next level, with the ability to play on the outside at times if needed. When describing his game, Couch says he it’s his mentality that really sets him apart.

“Long, aggressive, great ball skills, just attacking the ball every play,” Couch said. “Just a dog, you know, what Miami looks for in a corner.”

UM staffers such as Demarcus Van Dyke and Mike Rumph are Couch’s primary contacts at Miami, and the pair have a close relationship with the Chaminade star.

“We have a close bond you know, we all talk almost every day and every week,” Couch said. “Even if we’re not talking about football we’re talking about other things beyond football, like past my football career and what I want to do.”

Being a local product and playing ball in South Florida all his life, it would be hard for Couch not to know some of the current Hurricanes on the roster.

“I’m close with Cam’ron Davis, Al Blades Jr., Mike Harley,” Couch said. “I’ve been starting to get close with Trajan.”

Since his commitment to UM, Couch has been recruited harder than ever by some schools, but he tells them his mind is already made up.

“I mean there are schools, but I tell them I don’t to waste their time, because I’m 100% committed to Miami,” Couch said. “I’m shutting it down. Only Miami.”

Staying true to that sentiment, Couch plans no other visits or officials to schools other than Miami and hopes to take his Canes official for their biggest home game of the season.

“I’m looking to go to the Florida State game, that’s actually when I want to take my official visit,” Couch said. “I don’t know if that’s possible or not for that weekend, but that’s definitely when I would like to take it.”

When talking the toughest receivers he’s gone against, Couch looks no further than one of his current teammates he goes up against every day in practice.

“(Pointing) That guy right there, John Dunmore.”

Actually, Couch is on a Chaminade team loaded with Miami commits. Teammates Cameron Williams and Keontra Smith have also been committed to Miami for months now, and the three have a bond that goes way back.

“I’m close with Cam and Keontra,” Couch said. “We were trying to get John Dunmore to come with us, but he’s 100% committed to Penn State. Me and Keontra been playing together a long time since Fort Lauderdale Hurricanes.”

In 7-on-7 play, Couch was part of the South Florida Express Team that won the national championship this season held in California and talked about that experience.

“I feel like we did great, we did the best we could,” Couch said. “We have some of the best players in South Florida. We all came together and had fun and we were winning. We had fun out in Cali when we won the natty, I had like 2 picks. I didn’t play every game because my ankle was bothering me. I played nickel and a little bit outside.”

As a rising senior, Couch knows this is his last chance to win a state title with all the teammates he grew up playing with. So, in 2018, going out on top is the main goal, but that’s not to say Couch doesn’t have personal goals as well.

“My personal goal, I want to get 10 or more interceptions this year,” Couch said. “I want to and the team wants to make it back to the State Championship and win again. We’re very confident we can do it again.”


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The S&C program here will take care of the weight issues. He has run an official 10.83--100m (national elite for HS 10.80) you cannot teach that kind of speed nor his instincts. He has also long jumped 21'-10" (national elite 22-0)
From my expert film breakdown I have noticed the following:
1. Te'Cory has absolute police dog speed.
2. He can scratch his knees without moving his arms.
3. He is not afraid to hit a dude in the mouth.
I like him a lot as a developmental CB. I think he’ll be ready to start by his Junior year.
I love SoFla ballers. Such a different attitude. I don’t give AF about stars. With that athletic ability and mindset he will be a great Cane and hopefully move onto the next level!
I like him a lot as a developmental CB. I think he’ll be ready to start by his Junior year.

People say that about every freshman but have absolutely no idea
Is he an EE candidate or does Chaminade restrict that?
I like him a lot as a developmental CB. I think he’ll be ready to start by his Junior year.
If hes starting by his Junior year Rumph will be the best cbs coach in the game to build a group that keeps Couch om the bench
Random question @Stefan Adams when you do these interviews do you typically do them in person? Sounds like this one was done in person based on Couch pointing towards Dunmore. Anyway, I think it would be cool if you posted a video or had the audio for the interview instead of the lengthy write up. Don't get me wrong, I love the free content and your articles are always comprehensive but I think the video interviews allow us to get to know the recruit and see the joy when talking about UM. Just a thought that might save you some time and allow the members more insight.
Couch is not a project. He's ready to go now, has been playing at a high level for years. He just needs some S&C to be more durable. But like Bandy, Thomas and Harley, he'll do damage as a true freshman.
Video Interviews are the best.
love his game, dude needs to put on quite a bit of weight.