Cook Still Keeping his Options Open

Cook Still Keeping his Options Open

Tito Benach
2014 Miami Central star running back Dalvin Cook was disappointed like many of his teammates a couple weekends ago when they came up short in the Dolphin 7-on-7 .

“We’re trying to win it today. We fell short the last time because of a couple of mistakes but we're trying to win it today.”

Cook has spent much of the summer working and participating in multiple drills with the team.

“We started out two-a-days. Now, we are running in the afternoon and lifting in the morning.”

The 5’11 200-pounder’s final run with the Rockets is approaching this fall and he is going to cherish every game of his last season.

“This is my last year, so I’m looking forward to all of the games. We’re looking to go undefeated because Central has really never done that before so thats what we are trying to do.”

The Central product still remains a Florida commit and a strong one at that. He is looking to return to Gainesville soon for Friday Night Lights.

“I would rate it a strong commit, the last time I was there was during the spring. I’m gonna be up there for Friday Night Lights.”

While there are some new schools after Cook, Miami remains as one of the main schools recruiting him.

“They have my brother down there, so they're using him as a recruiting tool. They’re recruiting me hard, Coach Hurlie (Brown) calls my coach every day, looking for me and telling me to call him. They’re calling me every day.”

Cook’s brother happens to be incoming freshman basketball star DeAndre Burnett. Cook looks to be spending a lot of time with his brother next year.

“That’s my brother. It would be a dream to play for the same college. Obviously, we will be playing different sports but it would be nice. I’ll be out there a lot. I gotta go support him, I mean he is my big brother.”

The speedy running back did give a percentage of where he will end up come signing day.

“Right now it’s like a 40% chance I end up anywhere else.”

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“That’s my brother, it would be a dream to play for the same college."

Really??? You have an offer. . .
The new Patrick Peterson, I see you Dalvin.
If you believe.............

I think the ship has sailed goes all the negativity my way for my opinion....but Sony was in the bag for the last 2 years...*SHRUGS
I told people here...if you decommit once you will decommit again! I'd rather him string UF along and pick us on NSD which is what I predict. His entire family wants him here in Miami
He has one more decommit left, book it.
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i guess strong to him is anything over 50%. because if you told me anyone else is 60% committed i would say you aren't committed
this would be beast if wee take a star commit from F$POO & GAYTORS in the same class
These kids drive me crazy. It would be a dream? Then commit - now your dream just came true!! Geez!

“That’s my brother, it would be a dream to play for the same college."

Really??? You have an offer. . .
imo cane. How could a running baack turn down a school with our current and future o-line. not to mention his brother attends said school, hometown school, High school coach is verry pro mia, and his O coordinater is coley and coach is THE AL GOLDEN