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Coaches to visit QB Jarren Williams later this week

Coaches to visit QB Jarren Williams later this week

Peter Ariz
Mark and Jon Richt will visit QB Jarren Williams later this week after he announces his decision on Wednesday night.

As I posted after his official visit weekend, Miami obviously feels strongly about their chances.

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Richt said he likes to save his in home visit for the victory lap. Kid Commits on Wednesday
man him and nkosi

qb position upgraded ten fold since richt got here
It will be good to get some positive recruiting attention.
Are they looking at anyone else at QB this cycle?
There has never been a stronger cane lock. He could announce for ohio state and I still wouldn't believe that he's not a cane come signing day.
Down to us and the Suckeyes and they already have Emory Jones. Looks like a layup.
I want to keep up, so once we get this qb, do we immediately switch from Perry and start calling for Williams to start? Good thing there was not internet back in Howard’s day. Imagine Kelly’s last year with mark, Vinny and Bernie behind him— think of the love affairs before Jim got hurt over which backup should be the starter.