Class Impact: James Williams to Miami

Class Impact: James Williams to Miami

Stefan Adams
2021 Carol City S James Williams committed to the Canes over the weekend on his Underclassman Day visit to Miami.

The 6-4, 200-pounder has no national ranking, as the recruiting services have not yet ranked the current freshman class. As such, there are no class rankings available either.

The Player

Not only did Williams start on varsity at Pace as a freshman, but he also made 2nd team All-Dade as well. That in of itself is extremely impressive, and an indication of Williams’ talent level. He has now made the transfer to Carol City for his sophomore season, but regardless, grew up a true Cane and was always throwing up “the U”. While many similarly talented recruits in his class don't have any offers at this stage, Williams sports other ultra-early Power 5 offers from Louisville, Tennessee, Pitt, and Syracuse in addition to his Miami offer.

He’s already 6’4” 200 as a freshman in high school, so he could really grow into a linebacker or even a DE at the next level. Williams spent the majority of his time last year at safety and also played a bit of receiver as well as a freshman. But, he’s the kind of talent you take regardless of where he ends up and you figure it out when he gets here. A monster hitter and an intimidating presence in the back-end of a defense, Williams also shows great range and can cover a lot of ground in a hurry to make a play.

Pace played a lot of single-high safety coverages with Williams last year, so he’s not lacking any confidence and is comfortable truly being the last line of defense. You saw Manny Diaz go to that look often last season for the Canes and it allows you the flexibility to do a lot more on defense. Of course, you have to have a lot of trust in that one safety, though. Miami can leave Williams back there and can trust him to play centerfielder for them if they so desire.

The Class

The race to the first commit in the class was won by Williams. By all accounts, he’s ready to be the ambassador of this class, which may seem inconsequential, but can make a big difference at the end of the day. Top recruits are more likely to play with other players that they respect as leaders or elite talents. His Miami offer came back on January 10th, so it took Williams less than 3 months to decide UM was his future home when he pledged to the coaching staff last weekend at Underclassman Day.

Being nearly three years from the class of 2021’s signing day, it’s difficult to accurately predict how the numbers will shake out for this class with so many variables still undetermined. Only one safety currently on the roster will still be there when Williams arrives, but, obviously, Miami will be taking multiple safeties in the 2019 and 2020 classes as well to help balance the numbers.

The Team

By 2021, the entirety of Miami’s current safety depth chart will be gone and graduated and Gurvan Hall will be a senior. Miami has a commitment from Deland 4-star S Avantae Williams in the 2020 class, so if it sticks, he’ll be a sophomore in 2021 at Miami. Those are the only known quantities at safety when James Williams arrives in Coral Gables, and like previously stated, he may not even end up at the position. Assuming he’s a safety, if both Hall and Avantae Williams end up as good as advertised, it’s safe to say James Williams will take an apprentice role as a freshman at Miami. After Hall leaves in 2022, the starting job is open for James Williams, or whoever else Miami recruits, to take hold of. However, it’ll take some time before we can really get a true grasp on where he’ll fit in at UM.


Comments (22)

Second team all dade as a frosh = likely 4*?

How many frosh have ever been second team all dade?

Kid sounds like a future 5* who will end up at OLB.

Should have clarified he does have 5-star potential. But you can't give out that 5-star tag too early. There's a reason the recruiting services don't rank freshman, and even the sophomore class only has like ten 5-stars in the entire country. For every kid that becomes a 5-star, there are 100 kids that were called "surefire 5-stars" early in their careers, but just never ended up developing that way. And there's nothing wrong with ending up a high 4-star, the margins are so slim. But at the end of the day, rankings are really just for fun anyways and go out the door when you get on campus
How tall is Richt? I thought he was 5’11”. If so, Williams had to be 6’5” or 6’6” because he dwarfs Coach. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t grow into a front seven kid, either LB like Ray Ray Armstrong type or DE. Has to be a hell of a talent to be second team as a HS freshman. I’m looking forward to following his career.
This is one we have to dig our claws into. Looks like a great one at this age. would be a great leader of this class.
I'd be surprised if he's a DB for more than another year.

He'll be a lot bigger.

Interesting to see what position he'll end up playing for us.
Can be a 6-4 230lbs man chancellor back there for us
If he is 6'4" now he will most likely be 6'6"+ by the time he gets to campus. I'm thinking a 6'7" 235 lb DE prospect as a true freshman and he leaves here as a 6'7" 275 lb freak of a DE.
How tall is Richt? I thought he was 5’11”. If so, Williams had to be 6’5” or 6’6” because he dwarfs Coach. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t grow into a front seven kid, either LB like Ray Ray Armstrong type or DE. Has to be a hell of a talent to be second team as a HS freshman. I’m looking forward to following his career.

Richt is 6'2

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