CJ Henderson

CJ Henderson

Peter Ariz
Last night he posted that he was making an announcement at 2PM today. I asked the coach he's closest with at Columbus and he said he would be absolutely shocked if it was about a decommitment. Said Henderson and Jobe have been working Bandy HARD about Miami.

Around midnight, Henderson informed the Miami staff that he planned on decommitting, which caught them by surprise. This is a kid who has been on campus at least three times in the last month and had shown no signs of a decommitment. He told Miami that he wants to be able to go through the process and take visits. this staff knows what they signed up for and are prepared to recruit till the end. Things still in Miami's favor here. UF is filling up spots and He doesn't want to play in the cold (Michigan). I expect him to sign with Miami, but who knows because this came out of left field.

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It's also not guaranteed he actually goes through with the decommitment...Miami trying their best to talk him out of it
Bottomline is kid wants to go through the process getting love from everyone. He's been visiting places and coaches from elsewhere haven't been on him as hard because they've thought he's solid.
Is Jhavonte Dean a Plan B kid if we lose out on some of our targets (like henderson) or is he a take?
These kids are ridiculous with the "love" ****. If you know you want to attend a school and you know you can still take visits, why decommit? It makes no sense, other coaches are going to try to get you if they want you. Period.
Pete, kid is all UF. I've known this for quite sometime. I've seen the text messages between him and a UF staffer.
Dare I say it's "Crootin" season?
South Florida diva at its finest. F$U gets 3 big time commits over the last week or so and we are about to lose one. This is exactly why you need to target out of state players a lot more. He wants to **** around, replace his ***.
Tried to tell everybody this kid wasnt solid! Henderson is a good ath...but I'd rather take players like Wilson and Bandy.....ready to contribute right away in a depleted secondary. We dont really need projects cuz the '18 class is loaded with top talent. Also, once we start winning some of those big timers will want to play for us....I personally think we are going to get a top notch cb prospect down the line. Right now its kinda like sellin wolf tickets at a dog show!
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Pete, kid is all UF. I've known this for quite sometime. I've seen the text messages between him and a UF staffer.

If Elijah blades commits to uf cj will not have a spot.