Chantz Williams details how UM moved back into his recruitment, sets decision date

Chantz Williams details how UM moved back into his recruitment, sets decision date

Stefan Adams
As one of the best high school prospects in the country, 2020 Oakleaf (FL) 4-star DE Chantz Williams has been competing at the Opening Finals this week. He is looking to improve his performance from yesterday to try and make the Final 5 Lineman Challenge.

“I did my best today, but I’m ready to come out tomorrow and do a little better, do what I know I can do and impress myself,” Williams said.

Was there any OL on Day 1 that he felt was tough to go up against?

“His name is Myles Murao I think, big dude,” Williams said. “He won one, I won one, and then there was a tie. That’s a good offensive lineman, man.”

Last month, the 6-4 238 pound prospect released a top 3 that included LSU, Florida, and Georgia, but left out Miami. While it initially seemed UM was out of the race for Williams, he later decided he needed to give the Canes another chance.

“I initially dropped my top three with intentions to commit to one of those three,” Williams said. “But Miami kept recruiting me, and I felt I personally didn’t give the new staff a chance. I built a relationship with coach (Todd) Stroud, he built a relationship with my mom, and I just couldn’t not give them a fighting chance. Miami has been reaching for me since I was a freshman, they were the first to see my true potential. So, I felt to not give them a chance, that would be wrong.”

Even after he eliminated the Canes, Williams said the Miami staff just pressed him harder to come to UM.

“They kept coming after me, if anything coach Stroud started recruiting me harder,” Williams said. “I love them for that, respect them.”

In fact, coach Stroud wished him luck for the Opening and let Williams know he’d be watching him.

“My relationship with coach Stroud, it’s great. He’s been telling me I better not lose a rep out here, that he’s going to mess me up if I do,” Williams said. “Man, I know somehow he saw all my 1-on-1’s. I’m praying he didn’t see that one rep against Myles.”

Helping the Canes even further is Williams’ close relationship with high school teammate and recent Miami OT commit Jalen Rivers.

“Honestly, Jalen doesn’t try to recruit me to the U,” Williams said. “Jalen is just like ‘Look, I know you want to play with me. Make that move.’ He’s ****y with it, but it’s cool.”

At one point, the pair was set to attend the same school as a package deal. However, they later backed off that claim. With Miami surging with Williams, does he think playing with Rivers is a possibility again?

“Yes, it is more of a possibility now. At first, we didn’t see eye-to-eye, and a lot of people told us that was going to happen,” Williams said. “After that we were still hanging out with each other, still working out with each other, still practicing against each other. There was no bad blood, no beef. So, everything people were saying about us not liking each other, that’s untrue. We’re really close, he’s basically my brother. He’s just been a great guy for me to be around, and I appreciate Jalen for that.”

With the dead period currently in affect, recruiting has slowed down a bit, and that has allowed Williams to focus more on improving his game.

“I’ve been trying to focus on these camps because I went to the Rivals 5-star camp last week and I’m here this week,” Williams said. “So, I’ve really been working out, training, and getting ready.”

As for a decision timetable, Williams has already set a date for later this month that holds special significance to him.

“I’m doing July 20th, it’s a real special date to me,” Williams said. “My dad passed away two years ago and that was his birthday. I know he’d be very proud if he could see me right now. He always told me to do what’s best for me and that’s what I’m going to do.”

What schools will he be choosing from?

“I got a couple more schools in there. Still Georgia, still LSU, still Florida, Miami, Texas A&M is in there too,” Williams said. “But even after my commitment, I still plan on taking some official visits if that’s okay with the school I commit to.”

Despite listing out a final five, Williams said in his mind, there are two programs sticking out for him right now, and implied that one school is pulling ahead.

“I have two in mind that my heart is comfortable going to, but a little piece of me knows where I need to go,” Williams said.


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