Chad Thomas solidifies commitment

Chad Thomas solidifies commitment

Peter Ariz
One of Miami’s top committed prospects was on campus over the weekend when Chad Thomas took his official visit to Coral Gables. Thomas has been on campus a good amount over the last three years, so this was nothing new to him.

“It was a nice weekend chilling with some of the new recruits and teammates. I had a nice time all weekend. I’m very comfortable with my teammates and the coaches because I’m from down here and know how things work,” said Thomas.

Last week it was being reported that Thomas might be taking up to four more official visits, but he says that is unlikely now.

“I might be chopping them down and only take one more visit, so I’ll let you know.”

So should Canes fans be worried about one of their prized recruits sticking?

“Nah, nah, nah. I’ll never change. I committed to Miami so that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m loyal. I might take another visit just to see other things because I’ve been in Miami for 18 years, but you know I’m locked in with Miami.”

Two weeks ago, Thomas and his Booker T. Washington squad won their second consecutive state title with a win over Jacksonville Bolles.

“10th grade set the table for us by losing, so we came back that next year and won it because we knew we had to. Players like Big 6 (Matthew Thomas) and Denver (Kirkland) got us in this position. It feels good, but it still ain’t hit me yet. It probably will when we get our rings.”

Thomas will now turn his attention to two things: getting ready for the next level and his music.

“I got a personal trainer working with me right now, so I’ll be working with him and I gotta eat right. I’m at 240 right now and probably want to get to 250. I have my music stuff so I’ll be working on that too. It will be about training first and then my music when I have free time.”

The budding music star gave some insight to his next move.

“I might be dropping a mixtape because I’ve been working with a lot of people and some industry people have been hitting me up about it. I don’t wanna say it’s a secret or nothing, but I’m still learning so I still need to put things together.”

In an unrelated note, Thomas was happy to see his close friend Demetrius Jackson solidify his commitment to Miami last week.

“It was a good feeling because people were saying he decommitted and most likely if D-Jack do something, he’s gonna holla at us first so I didn't know anything about him decommitting. When he came on Twitter and said what he had to say, that just made me feel like he was being mature with the situation.”

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This **** is more important than worrying about cook
But Loserville fans said they were gonna flip him?
“I got a personal trainer working with me right now, so I’ll be working with him and I gotta eat right. I’m at 240 right now and probably want to get to 250."

Wow that's before U-tough oh that boy is gonna play earlier and he is gonna be a beast
My Fsu friend mentioned that they were trying to flip him and he was showing them love. He said the Nole insider put it at 30%! LMAO
He should make a introduction song for UM to come out to but love his size, definitely see him as all american type potential in three years after learning the ins and outs
He's going to contribute right away... future star.
I hope he gets Jackson in the weight room with him.
Any clown *****ing about possibly missing out on Cook when we got this monster in the fold at a position of dire need...I mean...what do I say to you?

Oh, I know what...

**** you