Canesinsight tshirt contest

Canesinsight tshirt contest

Okay folks here is your chance to win a snazzy Canesinsight tshirt.

All you got to do is pick how many games the the mens basketball team will win in the ACC tournament and the TOTAL amount of points scored in each game.

we win the whole thing (3 games) and we scored a total of 200 points.

The person closest will win, in case of a tie the person who put in there guess first wins.

You will no longer be able to enter after the first game has started
(You can pick a WeZ shirt instead if you want)


Comments (101)

sup, you think we're going to score 109 points in 3 games?
i think we win 2. in 2 wins we will score 112.
2 wins, 134 points
2 wins 214 points in the 3 total games