CanesInSight Podcast Vol. 4 - Paradise Camp Talk

CanesInSight Podcast Vol. 4 - Paradise Camp Talk

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
In this week's edition of the CanesInSight podcast, Peter Ariz is joined by three guests to discuss the happenings of Miami's Paradise Camp. 2018 Canes commit Gilbert Frierson and high school coaches Jose Duasso and Shawn Rose, who both worked at the camp, give great insight. Listen below and subscribe on iTunes.


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Recruiting is on fire, Miami is on fire, Pete's on fire. Great stuff Pete always appreciate your hard work
Never listened before today, but I hope you lead every show with fireman

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It was Hustler Musik but point taken and agreed with
Was that a NORE sample at the end? What you know about that?
Gilbert Frierson is my favorite #Storm18 kid, he's a natural born Cane.
That kid is a freak athlete & will be an All-American FS once he gets to Miami.
Pete, thanks for all this man. Sincerly we appreciate your time & effort.
Awesome work Pete. I particularly like your interviews of local high school coaches who attended and coached at Paradise.

CMR and his coaches cannot mention recruits by name till after signing day. No such regulation of high school coaches. Your interviewees have seen many of our top targets at Paradise, 7 on 7 tournaments and high school games. I love their straightforward observations and comparisons of the players. Invaluable insights into the top talent on our radar.

Ex. Donaldson is ahead of all our other targets at OT. Sounds like a five star to be. The Hayes kid from Missouri is a potential beast at OG. Scaife looks like our future Center. Great stuff.
Ariz out there stacking contacts.

First one I've listened to. Nice podcast, Pete. Really nice work.

Unsolicited format advice: Unless your interludes have a purpose (like bringing me fresh music or something), shorten them to :30.
Was that a NORE sample at the end? What you know about that?

I had to give Pete a little education there. You can tell a song selection is mine if it came out before 2005.
Pete, you cut yourself off right before interview with Frierson in the middle of a sentence. Just a heads up if you didn't notice.
Great work, Pete. Luv your programs.
So??? Where's all the guys ****ting on the name "Paradise" and were calling it ghey and stuff??
Thanks alot Pete - takeaways:

-Gotta replace Scott with Hartley ASAP
-As D$ has said before, the OL recruits down here should be prioritized just as much as skill players
-This staff means business
-The DB whose coach loves the staff must be Amari Carter right?
Hartley and Jeudy...gotta have and it's realistic.

Jeez, the fact that it's been revealed that the old coaching staff wasn't on the same page and that Richt spent just as much time w a premier 7 on 7 coach as Golden did in a 5 year span clearly explains our lack of presence both on and off the field. Can't stress this enough, so glad they are gone.

The fact that high school coaches are starting to say "we" when it comes to the U makes me smile ear to ear.

Great stuff Pete.