'Canes offer 2015 tight end Mouton

'Canes offer 2015 tight end Mouton

Nash Williams
After the 2014 season, the Miami Hurricanes depth chart will look a little different at tight end.

They will be losing seniors Clive Walford and Beau Sandland which will bring them down to four scholarship tight ends for the 2015 season.

It is clear that Al Golden and his staff recognize that they need another large, athletic, pass-catching tight end.

So far in the 2015 recruiting cycle, all eyes are on Champagnat Catholic monster tight end, Devonaire Clarington who is an absolute beast. Clarington stands in at six-foot-six, 225-pounds, and holds offers from nearly every school in the country.

Recently, another name has emerged for the 'Canes.

This one being, 2015 Aciadana High (La.) standout, Bry'Keithon Mouton who was offered by Miami on Wednesday.

"I found out at lunch at school. My coach had come and got me and brought me into his office and he told me to call (Miami running backs) coach Hurlie (Brown) back," said Mouton. "So I called him and we were talking about the school and everything and he offered me a scholarship."

The six-foot-three, 240 pound star was thrilled that Miami was his first offer.

"I was very excited being that it was my first offer. That just makes me want to work even harder," said Mouton.

Even though he lives out-of-state, Mouton has a few things he likes about the 'Canes.

"I really like the intensity of their practices, and I especially like the passion for the game that the players have," said Mouton.

While, the Hurricanes were the first to offer Mouton, he still has a slew of schools recruiting him.

"I've been hearing from Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, Oregon have all been coming after me for now," said Mouton.

**Mouton plans on visiting Miami in the future

**Here are his highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/1151904

Comments (13)

So this kid says the practices are intense, but TV says they are a clown show........
How we were his first offer baffles me. He has a nice high light.
Sooooo nobody not gonna say it???? Fine I will. WHAT DA F #$& kind of first name is Bry'Keithon ?? Black ppl we gotta do better smh
Great film... would be nice to steal one back from those ******** in baton rouge
He isnt afraid to block and catches the ball with his hands. Ill take him above Clarington just on that.
Sooooo nobody not gonna say it???? Fine I will. WHAT DA F #$& kind of first name is Bry'Keithon ?? Black ppl we gotta do better smh

Uh oh. Hope he doesn't become Bry'Keefon. Definitely noticing a trend of being the first to offer some of these out of state kids. That can't be a bad thing. It worked on Kaaya and if we cool on the kid there's no real damage in community blowback. Not that we'd ever pull an offer...
Luckily he wouldn't have to put his first name on back of his jersey. Seems like the bowling ball type of TE that can block and run. If he's 240 now then 260 would be easy for him to get to while getting stronger and faster. Would probably be effective against DE's in that he could get under their pads and better control them.