'Canes could be close to flipping USC commit

'Canes could be close to flipping USC commit

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Michael Wyche is not your average recruit. Standing at 6-4, 340-pounds, the mammoth defensive tackle recruit originally from Chesapeake, Virginia is making a name for himself at East LA Community College. Wyche is currently a USC commitment, but just the fact that he is wanted by division-1 schools is a story in itself.

"I have a challenged background. I was a drug dealer and a mentor got a hold of me and turned my life around and I ended up going back to public school. I just took off and I went to junior college because I was just starting to do good. I've been out here for two years and I graduate for December. My parents aren't in my life anymore because my father is in prison and my mother just passed away in February," said Wyche.

Most prospects who take the Junior College route think of it as an annoyance towards their ultimate goals, but Wyche does not see it that way.

“I feel like Junior College players are very special because we go through a lot that people don't see and it's very, very scary. Sometimes you don't know what you're going to eat the next day or you're only eating one meal a day. You gotta pay for everything and you're not on scholarship."

Wyche’s troubled past fuels him to become better each and every day.

"I stay way more focused because my mentor showed me about being successful and I like going to school. It's better than selling drugs and using guns any day. It really turned my life around and it's more out there than Chesapeake, Virginia. I love going to school, making good grades, and playing football."

The JUCO prospect with three sacks this season described the status of his commitment to USC.

"I committed to USC on May 2nd, but I'm looking at other options I'll just say that."

USC’s roller coaster of a season, which includes the firing of Head Coach Lane Kiffin, has opened the door for other programs. Enter Miami, who was been on Wyche for about a month and a half.

"Oh man, it was a dream come true and I never thought I'd be in this situation. I'm just blessed to have the opportunity to meet somebody like Coach Golden and Coach Jethro Franklin. They're very good guys and players' coaches. After I seen them beat Florida, I saw Al Golden applauding the fans and getting there in the stands with them like he was a player, it really made me feel good that they have something going on over there that I would love to be apart of."

Is Miami Wyche’s current leader?

"If I wasn't to go to USC, Miami is the school I would really consider strongly."

Wyche speaks very highly of Al Golden and Jethro Franklin, who are the two main coaches recruiting him to Miami.

"They're real and they understand me. They're willing to listen to their players, not taking anything away from USC because they're a wonderful staff, but me and Coach Jethro Franklin have got something in common as far as he's been to Junior College and he knows the struggle going through the system."

What does Miami have to do to ultimately flip Wyche from the Trojans?

"That is a great question (laughs). I don't even know man, you got me on that one. It's just a historic program like USC is so it's just an honor to have them recruiting me and talking to them."

Here is Wyche’s final statement about his interest in Miami:

"I'm really considering them because they really need some D-Linemen. It's not only that, but the coaches there are great mentors so that just goes along with the playing time."

**Wyche sent me a message after the interview that read: “I will know for sure where I’m going by the end of the week.”

**You can read more on Wyche’s background story here: http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/61640766/

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YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one guy from USC I wanted now this guy is the future at nt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We NEED a quality JUCO DT. I really hope this guy sees the opportunity here.
He will know by the end of this week? Imagine him and berrios choosing Miami on the same weekend. Shiiiiiit.
6'4 340??? Lmao holy ****. Him and travonte valentine beside each other would be scary..how many Stars is he?
come to the U sir - your rightful home where you belong with Coach Golden. All is coming to you!
BTW check the second to last tweet by CaneInsider, they're salty af
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