CaneHunt '14: Bring it!

CaneHunt '14: Bring it!

Greetings Hurricane fans…

The 2013 recruiting season wasn’t over 24 hours before news started to break on the 2014 class. It’s time to start tracking our future Hurricanes.

We are pleased to bring you CaneHunt ’14, a new feature on CanesInSight this year. CaneHunt ’14 is a compilation of news coverage on potential new Miami recruits. We scan dozens of media outlets around the nation everyday to make sure you are informed on all that is reported about UM football prospects.

CaneHunt ’14 is organized into 15 boards, by position. We track news on all prospects that have received a scholarship “offer” from the University of Miami. We’re only two weeks into the process and the Canes have already “offered” 81 young men. I expect that number to approach 200 by the end of this recruiting cycle. Our boards will be constantly changing during the year, so check back often to keep track of the Canes’ progress.

I feel it’s important that you know a little background on CaneHunt ’14.

CaneHunt was started in April of 2012 on another site.
• I am a Miami alumnus, living in Texas. So it was hard, if not impossible, to keep track of UM’s recruiting prospects.
• I played football into my freshman year in college, when injury ended my career.
• I do not consider myself to be a professional football coach, scout or evaluator. I leave all that good stuff to the experts. I’m an amateur fan.
• I am a professional communicator, thanks to the “U”, with forty years under my belt. I retired in 2011, so I have time to devote to my passion.
• And most important, I am a diehard Canes fan, just like you.

Speaking of you, the success of CaneHunt is largely dependent on YOU. Jump in and express yourself. Give us your opinion. Canes’ fans have never been shy about letting you know how they feel.

I’m excited to be part of the CanesInSight community. For all of us at CanesInSight, we hope you enjoy CaneHunt ’14. The coming year promises to be very exciting for our Hurricanes.

Go Canes! Bring it!

Len (TexCane)

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Yes. That's me. Do I know you from ITU?

I hope you enjoy CaneHunt '14

So everyone ITU is coming here? and doing the updates? guess we are going to need a coffee smiley
We're recruiting all the best recruiting posters
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So everyone ITU is coming here? and doing the updates? guess we are going to need a coffee smiley

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