Burgess-Becker Recaps Season

Burgess-Becker Recaps Season

Tito Benach
2015 Monarch (Fla.) Athlete Shawn Burgess-Becker said his goal for the season was to put his team on the map and prove the doubters wrong. After finishing 8-3 and making it to the playoffs, the Knights are no longer considered a light threat.

“I had faith in our team since the first day of practice, I thought we were going to have a great season once we got some more people on our team.”

Burgess-Becker ,along with fellow star 2015 athlete Calvin Ridley, were leaders for the team on both sides of the ball and helped guide the way for the Knights. However, when you ask him, he diverts more credit to the rest of his team.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say we are the face’s of the team because we have a lot of other skill players; like we have another 2015 corner back Ronnie Huggins, who had seven interceptions and probably like 3 catches at the most caught on him. We have Michael Harris, our quarterback, he led in passing yards or something like that. We had a couple other good receivers and couple other outstanding defenders. At the end of the day it was teamwork, it’s not just two people making all the plays.”

As far as expectations for the team next year, the 6’2 180 pound athlete wasn’t shy at all.

“Honestly, I’m going to tell you the truth: I just don’t see us losing a game next year, if everybody does and plays the way they did this past season, I don’t see us losing a game next season. I know it gets tough next season during the playoffs, but if everybody just executes, we can win a lot more games and actually all our games.”

In terms of recruiting, the Monarch product holds a top 5 of Alabama, Miami, LSU, Florida and Florida State in no order. He talked about that list and where it stands.

“I’m very comfortable with those top 5 schools. No one is leading, but I’d probably say the schools that are talking to me the most are Alabama, Miami and Florida State.”

Miami made the most recent news with Burgess-Becker, when they recently offered his teammate Calvin Ridley.

“I was very happy that Calvin got that offer because you know me and him are trying to play for the same team and we both have more of the same offers. I know he was very happy about the offer and I was very happy about it, now we’re just trying to see if Ronnie Huggins can get those offers and we can go from there.”

It’s been noted that both of the star athletes have planned on playing with each other, but Burgess-Becker elaborated a little more on that.

“Me and Calvin grew up playing football together, so if it could be possible I would love to play football with Ronnie Huggins and Calvin Ridley.”

Both Ridley and Burgess-Becker were down in Coral Gables this past weekend to watch Miami practice and seemed to enjoy themselves.

“The practice was good. It seems like they have a lot of fun out there on the field, Al Golden does a great job of coaching them up and all their players are flying around. It looks like they’re having a great time at the University of Miami.”

While Miami did make a big step by offering Ridley, schools like Alabama and Florida State are still recruiting Burgess-Becker very hard.

Alabama:“I went up to Alabama, me and Mario Cristobal have a great connection. Once I got up there, it was nice. It was different, but it was nice. All the players, I feel like they’re very comfortable there, the coaches treat the players with respect. Nick Saban is a very cool person, me and him had a talk before the game.”

Florida State: “I got up there, the campus was beautiful and the stadium is very nice. All the players were very focused waiting on the game to start. After, I got a chance to walk around and talk with coach Sal (Sunseri) and he just wants me up there again.”

So when will the top ranked playmaker make his decision?

“Signing Day.”

-Plans to play with the Florida Fire this offseason and also hit up some camps
-Also plans on visiting Florida State and Alabama during the offseason.

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Get the 3some from BTW and Central this year and the 3some of SBB, Ridley, and Huggins next year.
Please tell me 'Florida Fire' is not associated with or coached by either Goetz or Genron?
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Last year, Florida Fire was made up of all underrated players. Now all those kids are blowing up. If they get a qb they will be able to compete with SFE again.
Can't wait for grandmas, Twitter, cat fish holes and defensive schemes to have their turn with these kids, too. Recruiting, man
God **** this fan bAse is withered down.
I think the new game is picking the divas each year

Love kids like Duke Yearby Mike Smith KC MCDermott and others

Linder is the best just commit shut up and get ready

No problem with free trips but u can do it without all the percentage crap

Visiting Fsu this week but I am all Cane and it would take a lot to make me reevaluate my decision
did he try out for the SFE .. or did he just try out for fire... if he did thats awesome that hes being loyal to the fire! i bet those SFE coaches are kicking htemseelves in the *** now with him and ridley
Offer Ronnie Huggins. SBB/Jaques Patrick are two id really like to get in that class.
So he's a "DIVA" because he's going to make his decision on NSD next yr. I don't understand the thought process of a lot of ppl on this board. He's going to enjoy the recruiting process the right way and then make his choice sounds right on my end. Enjoy the process son
**** NSD? I don't even want to read about him anymore. What happened to kids committing early and avoiding drama.
Huggins.... Having a bunch of undersized corners isn't a good thing. If he adds 20lbs and 2 inches he should get a offer but we need to keep the majority of our CBs around 6' with length.