Bryant Puts South Carolina Rumors To Rest

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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2013 DT Keith Bryant was the first commitment of the class for Miami. Despite some talk of him almost committing to South Carolina this past weekend on a visit, Bryant says there is no truth to those rumors.

“I’m still committed to UM and nothing has changed with my commitment. I know I said some things about South Carolina, but Miami fans have nothing to worry about. It was just a first-time experience for me in such a live atmosphere. I was blown away, but the reporter was just switching my words up.”

Bryant has been taking visits since the summer time and it has always been in his plans to do so.

“I committed, but I still wanted this experience of being a recruit.”

There have also been rumors throughout the process that his mother wasn’t completely on board with the ‘Canes, something he says is changing.

“She’s coming to the Miami-FSU game on the 20th with me so she’s really warming up to Miami.”

What has Bryant seen from this year’s ‘Canes team?

“They need D-line. I see an opportunity to play early. That Notre Dame loss upset me because I hate to see the school I’m committed to lose badly like that. Dudes were getting on me about that. It doesn’t really bother me though because I feel like I can come in there and make a change. It makes me want to get there even faster.”

He is still in constant contact with the Miami coaches.

“I talked to coach Franklin about 2 hours ago.”

His team at Atlantic High School in Delray is in the midst of what looks like could be a good season.

“The season is going good, we’re 4-2. I’m playing both sides of the ball, just doing what I can to help the team win.”

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:mmkay: what we learned today in class is to not listen to the gamecocks premium site :mmkay:

/ thanks Pete this was good to hear..... can't wait for him and Earl Moore in 2-3 years
As usual, Peter, you're on it!

And thank you for that. In a week when everything turned to schitte, every little bit of good news is greatly appreciated.

And you're the best.
U da man pete. Good stuff as always my fine browed friend.
If this kid has taken this many visits thus far and hasn't switched, I don't see him switching in the future.
Is that Bryant's kid that he's with on the front page of the site?
Good news. Bryant is as important as Thomas or Collins if not more. His video looks like a dude who sets up shop in the backfield.
I am little worried about him saying his Mom isn't totally sold, what is her hang-up?
Momma Bryant will we swayed by AG and staff, just like Shaiy Howard was.

Thanks for the info Peter.
I am little worried about him saying his Mom isn't totally sold, what is her hang-up?

Maybe her son is more important to her than the University of Miami football program? You never know with parents these days...
I am little worried about him saying his Mom isn't totally sold, what is her hang-up?

She doesn't have a hang up. He has said repeatedly that she just wants him to see the country and make sure this is what he wants. I mean if you have the opportunity, for free even....