Bruce Jr. has Two Favorites

Bruce Jr. has Two Favorites

Tito Benach
2016 University School (Fla.) receiver Sam Bruce Jr. was the hottest topic during the I-M-G regional competition as he blew everyone away with his playmaking ability for the South Florida Express.

“It was a really long day on the last day, we lost one game but we came back and beat them.”

Bruce is a rising sophomore and is one of the elite players on the South Florida Express football team. He talked about what it means to him to be so young but so talented.

“It means a lot man, just to play and be on this team with big timers like Ermon Lane, Chris Lammons and the rest of the squad.”

Despite only going into his sophomore year, Bruce is already receiving major interest from some schools.

“ I have four offers now, Marshall, University of Ohio, UCF and Eastern Michigan. I’m looking forward to going to Florida State during the summer, and I’m also looking forward to hearing from the University of Miami.”

The speedy receiver has one main interest in the hurricanes and its one that Miami has been known for.

“ I just like the swag they bring to the game and thats pretty much it.”

The University school product commented on the job Coach Golden has done so far with Hurricanes and commends him for it.

“He is really bringing up the team, getting them back to the way they played in the 90’s and I can’t say enough. He has done a great job.”

Bruce also talked about his interest in the Seminoles and what he likes about them.

“Since I was a child I’ve just truly loved Florida State, its truly been a dream of mine to play there.”

Bruce will be looking for certain aspects in a school when deciding and will help make his decision off of those certain factors.

“I’m looking for small classrooms,a good home environment and most importantly a good football team.”

The star receiver currently has no timetable for a decision.

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**** florida state. and i'm not sure how you got two favorites out of that article? lol i see fsu and the rest
lol oh man, if its not one thing, its another with these U School prospects. Well we've heard Miami be the dream school for a lot of recruits and a lot of them didnt pick us. May the same happen to FSU here.
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****, this kid is a stud. Small but ****y as ****.
He is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on. He is VERY shifty and quick. Al Shipman type quickness.
He is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on. He is VERY shifty and quick. Al Shipman type quickness.

Wow! You went AL SHIPMEN on us............. Bro, you get the thread of the day award! That's what you call bringing something to the table.:fistbump: