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Brini's visit separates Canes from the pack

Brini's visit separates Canes from the pack

Peter Ariz

Miami safeties coach Ephraim Banda has drawn high praise on the recruiting trail early in his Canes tenure. Yesterday, Banda was on a mission to help top cornerback target Latavious Brini separate the “real” from the “fake” in his recruitment.

Brini took an unofficial visit to Miami yesterday with his younger brother Montavious (2019). It seems like the visit was extremely productive on Miami’s end.

“I had planned it. I wanted to talk to Coach Banda. It was great because he explained a lot more to me,” said Brini.” I can’t say exactly what he told me, but basically it was that you can’t really listen to what colleges tell you. They just gas you up to get you, but Coach Banda was speaking the real.”

Banda’s conversation with Brini did not come as a surprise to the lanky corner out of Mater Academy, but the 6-2, 185-pound prospect did say that it made him feel at ease.

“I know that’s how he was before. Both him and Coach Rumph are recruiting me. They make me feel way more comfortable because it’s more than just football. He’s (Banda) like another parent to me basically.”

Another point in their discussion was the fact that the Hurricanes have made Brini a priority in this recruiting cycle.

“It makes me feel great. Some schools that have offered me just want me, but they need me,” Brini added.

Brini would not say he had a leader in his recruitment, but when asked if yesterday’s visit separated the Canes from the pack, he responded “yes”. He also noted Georgia and USC as two schools he is taking a hard look at, but added “it’s still a long list”.

A highlight of the visit for Brini was bringing his younger brother along. Montavious already has multiple offers and Latavious believes yesterday was a nice learning moment for him.

“It was a great experience to let him see what I’m going through so that when his recruitment starts jumping, he will know what it's like,” Brini said.

The rest of Brini’s family is all for him staying in Miami.

“They would love to have me close to home. They can come to every game and it would be great to have family members to come watch me,” he said.

Brini will attend Georgia camp on June 11th and Notre Dame on June 17th

Comments (20)

I think he commits after he comes to a Miami Camp....
Just a matter of time before he commits....

Good size for a CB....
What is Rumph doing? Seems Banda is recruiting both corners and safeties
at least banda isnt searching for the next jaquan jarrett.
What is Rumph doing? Seems Banda is recruiting both corners and safeties

Each coach is in their lane. Just wait for the fruit before getting too suspicious. Time will tell.
What is Rumph doing? Seems Banda is recruiting both corners and safeties

If Rumph with his past accomplishments could get just a tiny bit of Banda's personality,energy and charisma to rub off on him he would get any recruit he ever wanted.He would be T-Rob on steroids.
Rumph got Henderson and is working on Bandy and Marco. He's doing his job
Just a matter of time before he commits....

Good size for a CB....

I certainly hope so. We are in dire need of CB's and Brini is my favorite this cycle. Pete's update was like music to my ears. I also think that Brini is is an EE which would be huge if indeed I am not mistaken on that.
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What is Rumph doing? Seems Banda is recruiting both corners and safeties

Lol theres literally a quote from Brini in Petes OP that states Rumph is also recruiting him. Just blindly hating
Coaches generally recruit areas, not their position. In some cases they do and probably closer to signing day it may be a couple coaches including the position coach. But now, they are recruiting areas. Brini looks like he's being recruited by rumph through as well.
It's a reason they called Haters....Haters gonna hate. Keep putting in work Coach Rumph and Coach Banda. Brini knows ya'll want him and his family wants him to stay home too. Pull the trigger Brini!

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