Booker T. Washington vs. McArthur Live Thread Updates

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Miami not there yet? Traffic must be crazy or they slipping because they supposed to be the 1st ones there to show face.
The ambulance has not arrived yet so they haven’t been able to start play. Apparently they sent two ambulances to Chaminade and none here.
We have some chatter between the two sides as we are waiting to get underway. That should help make this game more interesting.
@sfbomber Players to watch:

For BTW, DE Donell Harris, WR Jacorey Brooks, DT Anthony Hundley, DB/WR Corey Thornton, CB/S Eddie Jackson, CB Rance Conner, WR/QB Theo Richardson, DT Tramel Logan, DB Joel Narcisse, LB Al-Jacob Darling

For McArthur, CB Jerrold Pough, LB Isaiah Finnie, S Alfonzo Allen, WR Damien Alfrod, RB Jaylen Taylor, S Kevin Knowles, DE Kymani Williams, QB Horace Atkins.