Bond Recaps Visit

Bond Recaps Visit

Tito Benach
2013 JUCO LB Devante Bond visited MIami this past weekend and seemed to enjoy himself.

“It went real good, I’m happy I went down there. I had a real good time meeting the players and coaches. Overall it was a real good visit.”

Bond recapped his visit, which included several different activities.

“I took a tour of the campus, looked at the classroom, talked to the academic advisor. We had a dinner with the team. I talked to coach Swasey and after that I hung out with the team.”

The hard-hitting linebacker was intrigued by the family aspect at the University.

“I was really happy to see the family orientation, like they are all one big family, which is something that I liked.”

Bond wasn’t the only visitor who seemed to be having a good time.

“I talked to a lot of people, I talked to (Alquadin) Muhammad, I talked to Jeremy (Kerr). I talked to a lot of people.”

The JUCO prospect got the chance to speak with Hurricane coaches while on his visit.

“I talked to all the coaches, I talked to Coach Franklin and Coach Golden. We talked about coming in and making an impact. We also talked about the scheme they run.”

He addressed where Miami stands in his list of schools.

“Miami, they are still high on my list like before, I know that right now. They're probably leading right now.”

Bond does have other visits planned to Nebraska and Fresno.

As far as a decision, Bond originally planned to wait until signing day, but is having second thoughts

“I don’t know if I’m going wait until signing day, but it might be earlier then that. I might want to get the process over with.”

When asked what the chances are of him signing with Miami, Bond did give out a percentage.

“Right now, I can’t give an exact percentage but it’s over fifty percent.”

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Tito is that dude. Nobody is more on top if these OOS recruits.
Please land this kid




Is this kid a rush end? Ready to play next year?
To avoid post-rejection syndrome should he be singing a new tune after his visit to Nebraska or Fresno, Canes might consider taking this with a grain of salt and be patient to see how it plays out. Great that he had a really good time and seems to have come away impressed. Heed this advice only if you find yourself overly emotionally about the vicissitudes of recruiting.
God **** Nebraska is always in on these JUCO kids. Dammit mane
my bad thought he was an EE
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More important than Hooks IMO. We need a pass rush.
Yeah, I'm guilty.

I have a really BAD case of DT fetish.

Dlines win games.

That's it.