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Asante Samuel, Jr update

Asante Samuel, Jr update

Peter Ariz
I can confirm that Miami has been in contact with Asante Samuel, Jr. lately. A source close to the four-star FSU commit told me tonight that an official visit to Miami this weekend is possible as well. This person added that’s Samuel, Jr, has real interest in the Canes.

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Pete going in strong now. :rickflair2:
He comes this weekend with all our commits..... oh baby
There we go PABLO. This that good stuff I like to hear.

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He's Trajan Bandy 2.0
well he should have interest here! it would make a HELL of a lot more sense to come here
That’s the guy I want. Fck all this Bethel noise.
Please fucking happen.
Also, I’ve heard that Trajan Bandy has been very vocal with the coaches throughout the recruiting process that they should be recruiting Samuel. Game respects game
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James jacksons brother really sent out the bat signal on that ass lmao
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