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Article: 2015 ATH Irvin Talks Canes

Article: 2015 ATH Irvin Talks Canes

Tito Benach
2015 Westminster ATH Tim Irvin is looking forward to finishing the season strong after suffering a tough loss to a talented University School team.

“We still have two more games, and we are gonna come out, we just gotta come out, keep working hard and listen to our coaches.”

Irvin is looking towards the last game of the season, as it is a big one for his team.

“We have another tough game against North Broward Prep, it's our last game of the season and we are looking forward to it and coming out with a victory.”

While the ATH is only a sophomore, he has been in contact with several different schools.

“Alabama, Georgia, UF, Miami and Florida State.”

Irvin holds a list of schools, but claims no front runners, as he is still taking visits.

“I’m open right now, I have been taking visits, but I don’t have a top school right now.”

Irvin’s uncle happens to be one of the greatest Miami Hurricanes ever, Michael Irvin. This is one of the reasons he says he has a large interest in Miami.

“I like Miami because my uncle went there and I live in Miami and it's a good atmosphere for me.”

While Irvin is taking all the schools into consideration, he does admit that his uncle going there does play a big role.

“It’s a big factor, plus he has been talking to me, wanting me to go there with him and little Mike (Michael Irvin, Jr.).”

Irvin has been in contact with the Miami staff saying, “ I talk to Coach Barrow and Coach Paul Williams.”

He does seem to like both of them, as he has high remarks for both.

“They are pretty cool and funny guys, I feel like I can hang around with them.”

The Westminster product plays a big role in his team's games, as he plays both sides of the ball including running back, wide receiver, cornerback and safety. Irvin talked about his position at the college level.

“It’s all based on my height, but really I want to play both sides, but I want to see what colleges want from me.”

Irvin says he will make his decision his senior year.

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Short. But special. Gifted in space with the ball, and great instincts on D particularly at FS, although he's had to play closer to the LOS this season on D.

His end of season highlight video will be a favorite on here, as he's had some ridiculous PRs this season
I would say he's closer to 5'9", but either way I don't think he's done growing.

Very similar physically to JaQuan Johnson from Killian.

I think Irvin's future is at safety
One of the most impressive freshman highlight reels I've ever seen....not worried about his height. He's definitely Cane caliber.
I don't post much, but that video brought me out of my seat. That kid can play whatever position he wants. Hope the blood lines bring him home!!!
Yup when I first saw his freshman highlight tape, it was one of my favorites from last season regardless of class.

Dude is a stud. He is a safety all the way IMO. Eric Berry-esque

I can't believe Jaquan Johnson and him were optimist teammates! Here is to hoping they are teammates again in a few years in Coral Gables
2015 Safeties so Far
Jaquan Johnson
Tim Irvin
Calvin Brewton

2015 Safeties so Far
Jaquan Johnson
Tim Irvin
Calvin Brewton


my boi Bryant Mcfadden (steelers/fsu)also has another cousin ( Patrick Peterson Arizona Cardinals is his nephew)that is a BEAST at my old high school....Kendrell Mcfadden
I can't believe Jaquan Johnson and him were optimist teammates! Here is to hoping they are teammates again in a few years in Coral Gables

Lol I was talking about Irvin in another thread based on talks of someone who played with him. Well, my buddy (A guy I get season tickets with) had Jaquan Johnson in his class last year. He's the one who says Tim Irvin is the best he has played with, even said he'd be a better RB than Michel.

**** it, I want them all as teammates competing lol
This kid needs to transfer and play better competition. Imagine this guy against small school football teams when he is a senior?!

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