American Heritage DT Cerenord stacking offers

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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American Heritage DT Edgar Cerenord (6’2”, 290) has enjoyed a Spring filled with offers from Arkansas, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, East Carolina, Indiana, Rutgers, and UCF amongst others. Although he knows these are steps in the right direction, Cerenord isn’t willing to settle.

“It means a lot, but then again it doesn’t because that stuff can kind of get your mind off of the main goal, which is winning the state championship. I’m just going to keep working hard so that good things happen,” said Cerenord.

American Heritage will have high hopes yet again this season, as they will be playing this season with a new Head Coach, former Miami Hurricane Mike Rumph.

“It’s been different in many different ways. Practice is more physical and high-tempo. You just have to work harder and the coaches are pushing us to the limit.”

Heritage will be boasting one of the top schedules in the entire country next season and Cerenord is looking forward to the challenge.

“We don’t think about it as us having a hard schedule, we think about it as them having a tough game with us on their schedule. We’re trying to work hard and get to the top. Cypress Bay, Central, Columbus, Chaminade are our first four games and I think we might have Delray Heritage in there too.”

What has the agile lineman been working on this offseason?

“I’ve been trying to focus on my pass-rush because my cousin has pointed it out to me that most of my highlights are run-stop plays. Even in practice, I’m focusing on getting after the quarterback. I’m still progressing with it.”

Something that Cerenord prides himself on is his elite conditioning and quickness, which is a rare combination for most at his position.

“It helps a lot because I can do more things than most big guys my size. I train hard with my trainer and it makes everything better because you don’t have to be huffing-and-puffing all the time.”

Cerenord has taken the recruiting process step-by-step and is planning his summer schedule.

“What I’m doing now is going through a process with my family and cousin to make a list of all the schools with interest in me and have offered me and putting down the coaches’ phone numbers and camp dates because I know a lot of these camps are on the same date.”

One school he hopes to hear more from is the University of Florida.

“Florida is stacked at defensive tackle, but growing up I like them a lot and they were big for me, but I’m open to everybody.”

Cerenord has had contact with Miami in the past, most notably with Defensive Coordinator Mark D’Onofrio. He spoke with the ‘Canes about three weeks ago when they were at his school.

“The week before Sony’s decision they were there and told me to go to a camp, but I haven’t had a chance to talk to Coach D’Onofrio lately. I’ll probably call him this week.”

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Kid did work at the Miami NFTC. I can't wait to see him this season
Congrats to Edgar and his family on the scholarships. I get the feeling they will keep on coming.
For those that have seen him, what's not to like about this kid? To my untrained eye, he looks better than Bostwick, Bain, and Keef from the 2013 class..
Our camp is mid June right? Obviously expecting to hear a ton of offers when that comes around. Also interested to see what LB's come show out.
He will be at the camp in June 2. As far as him his recruitment compared to the guys from 2013, I believe he has more potential. He missed some games last year and he has to prove himself. Fortunately he is more than willing to do it.

He has a 3.8 gpa and made the honor roll at heritage. He was just timed at 5.0 40 and a 4.5 short shuttle lasered. He has a game on tv this year (cypress bay) so he will show his versatility. He will be playing h-back as well as dt.
I like this kid a lot. I think we will wait to offer him once we get a better idea of what happens with Holley, Clark, Valentine, Jones, etc. It looks like we will take 4 dt's with Stuckey so if Holley, Clark, and Valentine all want in it looks like Cenerod won't get his offer. It's just too bad this kid wasn't in last year's class he would have definitely gotten that offer.
I think he is a take regardless. I refuse to be left holding my **** while we wait on other kids, especially because I think this is a legitimate under the radar stud, if I am Al Golden.
Love this guy. We need to offer and hope UF doesnt
If this kid shows he is the goods at the camp we need to offer. Im through waiting on kids who MIGHT committ and get my hopes up and they go elsewhere and we are left holding the bag. (Like the Killer Bs from last year. Smh.) I think JHallCanes was the one that said he would be shocked if we got 2 out of Holley, Clark, Valentine, Gillard and personally I agree. I dont think we get Valentine or Holley. Gillard looks to be enamored with UGA. Clark is gonna wait it out. I say if Mike Rumph gives us the thumbs up that this kid is UM material we seriously take a look at him.
The kid is still making recruiting moves, yesterday (Aug 6th) he was offered by Tennessee, good for him.

Go Canes
Do we take him if we don't get Moten? I think they are viewed differently as I think the staff sees Moten as more of a big DE/DT role.
Do we take him if we don't get Moten? I think they are viewed differently as I think the staff sees Moten as more of a big DE/DT role.

I wish the young man well in his choice of college but there are better committed DT's out there UM should to try to flip , then there are some uncommitted DT's that currently have UM offers that are still in play, and finally there are a few unnamed DT's under evaluation ( some beastly under the radar types. As many of you have mentioned that I should share with staff first before posting so I have done just that and two are under evaluation) So there is a lot that would need to happen first.

Go Canes
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It's more than just "taking" him. If Miami doesn't offer soon, he might be turned off completely by them. There is recruiting to be done even if they offer.
UM isnt recruiting him. They are looking for more of a NG and he is more of a 3-technique at the next level. No love lost.