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4-star WR Worsham plans official to Miami

4-star WR Worsham plans official to Miami

Stefan Adams
2020 Hewitt-Trussville (AL) 4-star WR Dazalin Worsham landed an offer from WR coach Taylor Stubblefield yesterday and it seems the star receiver is already reciprocating Miami’s interest in his talents – Worsham is planning multiple visits to Coral Gables, including an official visit.

“It was amazing, always wanted an offer there since I was a kid,” Worsham said of UM. “My interest is as high as it can get. I will be down there a ton - I will also take an official there.”

It’s safe to say Stubblefield and Worsham hit it off, as the two had a long and productive conversation about a variety of topics.

“He told me that just he sat down and watched my film for the first time and that he loved how I can move my body at 6-1 and move like a 5-8 guy,” Worsham said. “He loved how I ran my variety of routes, that I have soft hands and that I am an unbelievable player.”

Stubblefield’s recruiting pitch? The exclusivity and lifestyle offered only in a place like Miami.

“He told me to come create my own legend with all of Miami watching. He talked to me about how they were just on like a 6 million dollar yacht and how they met all these people,” Worsham said. “He talked to me about all the resources that could benefit me from going there and how good their academics are.”

So, besides luxury boating, what has Worsham interested in the Canes?

“The legends that have played there,” Worsham said. “The things that coach (Dan) Enos is going to do with the offense and just Miami football in general.”

Although he certainly seems open to Miami, the Canes have a bit of a hurdle to overcome: Worsham has been committed to the in-state Alabama Crimson Tide for over a year now. However, the staff shakeup that resulted in both OC Mike Locksley and WR coach Josh Gattis leaving the program this off-season caused the 6-1, 170 pound prospect to look around and make sure he’s making the best decision for him.

“I’m still committed, but I’m open to see what schools have the best opportunities for me to succeed and accomplish my goals,” Worsham said of Alabama.

In addition to Miami and Alabama, Worsham also says he is considering LSU and Texas A&M. He was at both Alabama’s and LSU’s Junior Day events this spring and plans to see Texas A&M sometime soon as well.

In the end, a school that could pull him away from Alabama will offer early playing time, among other factors.

“Things that are important to me are seeing how I can be used in the offense,” Worsham said. “A place where I have the best chance of coming in as a freshman to produce and help the team win. The best chance to play 3 years and go to the league. My relationship with the coaches have to be real, need to be tight like family.”

While Worsham has long been a known name both in Alabama high school football and in recruiting circles, he took his game up a notch in 2018, making improvements in every major statistical category despite playing hurt part of the season. As a junior, Worsham helped lead Hewitt-Trussville to an 8-4 record, but the Huskies bowed out in the second round of the playoffs to Thompson High.

“My season went pretty good,” Worsham said. “I played with two hurt hips, but still had 1,022 receiving yards, 87 receptions, and 13 TD’s.”

Worsham’s hip injuries were severe enough that he ended up having surgery after the season; however, the Hewitt-Trussville playmaker expects to be 100% for his senior season to make a run at a state title.

“Had surgery on both of them, one in December and one April 1st,” Worsham said. “I’ll be back in July.”


Comments (20)

Nice work Stefan

I guess sending an offer isn’t a big deal, but the staff needs to spend zero time recruiting this dude. Use their time recruiting guys that are actually interested
We need at least 3 maybe 4 WR's in this class. This kid seems like a bright guy and would love to get him on campus.
So It’s hard to get kids in our own state to even come visit. But this dude lives in Alabama and is committed but gets an offer and is ready to get down here.
Very suspicious. Like he’s getting dropped suspicious. Unless he’s here on a spy mission like that DE that visited before nsd last cycle. Dude was never flipping and came here for a free ov.
So It’s hard to get kids in our own state to even come visit. But this dude lives in Alabama and is committed but gets an offer and is ready to get down here.
Very suspicious. Like he’s getting dropped suspicious. Unless he’s here on a spy mission like that DE that visited before nsd last cycle. Dude was never flipping and came here for a free ov.
Thought somebody on here said a few months ago that he was a candidate to get dropped, but I could be wrong.
His 100 meter speed of 11.92 as a sophomore would tend to indicate more of a possession type receiver as does his combine 40 of 4.81-40, short shuttle of 4.44.

You want to see a much better shuttle for a posession receiver. He doesn't look to have straight line speed or a good shuttle time. Maybe he has good hands and runs crisp routes, but I would prefer someone who has better testing numbers. For example, Braxton Berrios was a composite 3 star recruit, but he had an absolutely freakish shuttle time (around 3.8, I think its one of the best ever if I'm not mistaken). No surprise, he becomes one of Miami's best receivers in recent memory.
Take the fight to Bama. Doesn’t take a lot of work to ask your staffer to send some nice texts and like the kids IG posts. Those bastards do it to us all the time.
Dual hip surgeries as a high schooler scares the piss out of me.

Dual hip surgeries, runs a 4.8 40, 4.44 shuttle. He might be the crispiest route runner there is, I think he will still have trouble getting open.

Here is who he compares to on the roster, size and speed wise (and he's actually slower than this WR)

No way this kid decommits from Bama. Lol
Trussville is a big time program here in Birmingham. Glad to see the staff sticking their noses in here. Gotta get back into Spain Park (Michael Jackson) and get into Hoover. Curious to see how the recruitment of the OT from Briarwood shakes out too. His name escapes me. Good talent up here.
This whole situation doesn't add up. Kid is getting dropped by Bama and he knows it. 2 hip surgeries and those terrible 40 yd dash and short shuttle times add up to this kid being a major lemon. Hard pass!

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