2020 5-star RB Don Chaney midseason highlights

2020 5-star RB Don Chaney midseason highlights

Peter Ariz

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Let's GOOO. I like what we have for 2018. Let's get Kenny McIntosh in 2019, Chaney in 2020 and Amari Daniels in 2021!!
Reminds me of Robert Burns his sophomore year.
CMR about to have them horses like the good ol days.
The running back talent in soflo looks incredibly good over the next few years.. that along with our current RBs being monsters and Coach Brown's history of coaching 1st rd RBs is just so beautiful!!! #RBU reigns supreme
Dude runs effortlessly. Reminds me of when I was watching AR's highlights. Look like they're running slow, and it's only b/c they make everyone else look slow motion. Gotta, GOTTA get this kid.

Keep winning, keep producing top backs and we'll lock up every single top back in our backyard, ****, state Richt wants