2019 Freshman 15: June Edition

2019 Freshman 15: June Edition

Stefan Adams
Welcome to the fourth 2019 edition of the column I like to call “The Freshman 15”. If you’re a first time reader, this will be a focus on the rankings and the order of the top 15 uncommitted (to Miami) recruits the coaching staff is pursuing. At this time, players without offers will not be considered for the board.

The order will be based mainly on:
  • How likely a recruit is to commit to Miami at the time
  • Skill level
  • Miami's need at their position
This column will be updated throughout the cycle each month and will show movement up or down for each recruit as the list is updated.

Let’s get into the board for June.

1. Evan Neal, OT/OG, Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy) (Last: 1)

Ht 6-7 | Wt 375 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #43 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Neal is the prototypical top player on this board, thanks to his combination of talent, Miami’s need on the line, and the fact that he has family ties to the program. At 6’7” 375 pounds, I just call him “The Wall”. Neal has gone up against numerous top defensive linemen at various events and they were all hopelessly outmatched against him. He’s too big to get around and can overwhelm power rushers that try and go through him, while he is also quick enough to stone speed rushers.

In The Mix: In his most recent chat with us, Neal named Miami, FSU, Oklahoma, and Georgia as some schools chasing him hard.

Latest: Getting Neal on campus with his family two weeks back was huge for UM, no doubt about it. The coaching staff showed Neal and his parents a lot of love in his 1-on-1 visit, and I think this trip will go a long way to assuring the Neal family that Miami is the place for the talented lineman. There is still work to be done with Neal, though, as he won’t make an early decision and every school in the country will be coming after him. Still, the Canes are sitting pretty right now in this recruitment. Since he’s hard to get a hold of for interviews, it will be interesting to see what Neal’s saying in-person at the Opening Finals in Texas in two weeks.

2. Michael Johnson Jr., QB, Eugene, Oregon (Sheldon) (Last: 2)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 190 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #219 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Point blank, QB is the most important position in every class and the coaches have identified Johnson Jr. as their top target at gun-slinger. A true dual-threat, Johnson Jr. is electric on the ground by any usage of the word and can leave any defender in the dust. Through the air, he possesses a live arm that can make any throw on the field.

In The Mix: Johnson Jr.’s top 7 is Miami, FSU, Texas A&M, Arizona State, Penn State, LSU, and NC State.

Latest: Now that schools like Oregon and Nebraska are out of the picture after having taken other QB’s over Johnson Jr., UM feels like the outright leader here right now thanks to Johnson Jr.’s long-standing relationship with the Richts. He’s been on an east coast official visit tour this week, hitting NC State, Miami, and FSU back-to-back-to-back. Johnson Jr. went to PSU earlier this month on an OV as well. As he wants to make a decision in late June-early July, and with the dead period coming up next week, it seems like his choice will come down to those four schools. Unless he is truly and completely blown away by one of the other three contenders that much more than Miami, the Canes are in the best position to land his commitment. It’s also telling that, going into this week, Johnson Jr. has maintained he will still be at Paradise Camp, which will be held in late July.

3. Mark-Antony Richards, RB/DB, West Palm Beach, FL (Wellington) (Last: 3)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 190 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #83 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Running back, safety, receiver, quarterback, kicker, don’t matter. The book on Richards is simple: get him on the roster, figure out his position later. He’s that good. His speed and football instincts will play anywhere, and he loves offense, but Richards looks like an impact safety to me.

In The Mix: Miami, Auburn, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, and others are making Richards think.

Latest: The Canes are still in a very good spot with Richards, and he was on campus two weekends back for the 7-on-7 camps. This will be a recruitment that will go to the very end, though, as Richards maintains he wants to give schools like Auburn and Florida a fair shot. While I was skeptical if Richards would end up at Miami and would ultimately decide to blaze his own path, the more I talk with him, the more I get the feeling that he’s simply doing his due diligence and making the most of the process. I am very confident right now that he signs with UM in the end, which will likely be in December.

4. Tyrique Stevenson, CB/S, Miami, FL (Miami Southridge) (Last: 4)

Ht 6-2 | Wt 200 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #78 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Stevenson just smothers receivers in the passing game and has that rare ability to take half the field away from an opposing offense. The South Dade star runs well for his size and features elite closing speed, while also showing potential as a rangy safety prospect.

In The Mix: This is all Miami and Georgia, with Alabama also making a push for Stevenson’s signature.

Latest: Stevenson has made about a hundred trips to UM over the past few months and it seems like he pops up on campus every other weekend. I would caution to not look too hard into all these visits, though; Stevenson knows all there is to know about Miami by now and these trips are simply about hanging out with his friends on the team and around the program, plain and simple. I believe Georgia should be considered the slight front-runner for Stevenson at this time and he is also coming off a three day visit to Athens this past weekend. I was told he is currently looking at the next four years like a business decision and, the more he views things in that perspective, the farther it will pull him from the personal and emotional ties he has to UM. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he woke up and picked Miami tomorrow, it’s that close. Watch out for Bama getting more involved as things progress as well.

5. Khris Bogle, DE, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Cardinal Gibbons) (Last: 5)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 210 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #81 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Bogle makes his living in the opponent backfield and it’s tough for offensive linemen to square up on him with his speed off the edge. While he needs to add weight for the next level, Bogle’s first step is devastating and he has the potential to be a dynamic pass rusher for whichever team lands his services.

In The Mix: Here I go - Miami, FSU, Florida, Clemson, Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Oregon, USC, Oklahoma, Penn State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, and Georgia (whew) make up Bogle’s Final Four…teen.

Latest: The Canes remain in a good place with Bogle, who is planning on taking his recruitment until the very end in February. He showed up on campus last weekend at UM’s “Miami Nights” event and enjoyed himself. While some thought other in-state schools like FSU or Florida would be the biggest hurdle for Miami to overcome, we’re hearing it is actually Tennessee that is the program that has made a real move with Bogle and will challenge UM. Bogle is coming off an official to Rocky Top two months back and had huge praise for the program. The gameplan has always been the same with Bogle: stay in his ear for as long as possible to survive and outlast the other contenders.

6. Braylen Ingraham, DT, Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas) (Last: 6)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 260 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #336 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Ingraham is the type of hybrid prospect the Canes love, with the ability to play both inside and outside on the D-Line. The Hurricanes would likely move him to DT as he continues to grow to allow his speed and athleticism to become a mismatch against slower offensive guards.

In The Mix: Miami is Ingraham’s leader, with Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon, and Kentucky in the game.

Latest: Ingraham has not been shy to list UM as his leader in the past and he joined the rest of a loaded crew at “Miami Nights” last weekend. He also saw Oklahoma in April for his first official visit and took a second official to Kentucky earlier this month. Now that he’s gone on some trips and seen some other sights, Ingraham has something to compare to Miami. We’d feel better if he just pulled the trigger for UM sooner rather than later instead of dragging it out, but this is Miami’s one to lose for now.

7. Kenny McIntosh, RB, Fort Lauderdale, FL (University School) (Last: 10)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 205 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #172 Overall

Behind The Ranking: McIntosh has good burst through line of scrimmage to rip through arm tackles and attacks the second level. He runs with plus effort every time he touches the ball and always keeps his feet moving at first contact.

In The Mix: Miami is running in front, with Notre Dame, UF, and Oklahoma also involved.

Latest: Things continue to move in a positive direction for McIntosh and Miami, and he was in Coral Gables for “Miami Nights” last weekend. Schools like Notre Dame, UF, and Oklahoma will hang around, but the Canes are expecting McIntosh in this class to pair with Marcus Crowley. I think that will be the two-man RB class, and of course if a five-star talent like Trey Sanders wants in, you take him no questions asked.

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8. Jordan Battle, S, Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 185 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #170 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Battle has next-level instincts at DB and displays great hip-flip when running with receivers. He was consistently impressive throughout many camps this off-season and will make an outstanding safety at the next level.

In The Mix: Seems like a two-horse race between Miami and Ohio State.

Latest: Battle just visited UM on an official visit this weekend and things went well, as he joined a bunch of other top targets at “Miami Night”. He’ll give Ohio State an official this coming weekend and his choice will come down to UM vs. OSU in the end. I also expect a summer decision from Battle. OSU has long been considered Battle’s leader since they offered, but some interesting things I’ve heard lately about this recruitment was that the Buckeyes put Battle on the back burner for the past two or so months in anticipation that they would land a commitment from DeMatha (MD) 4-star safety Nick Cross, something that has not come to fruition. This has opened the door for Miami a bit. OSU has now picked back up constant contact and are pitching the idea of playing corner to Battle, something he is intrigued by. We’ll know more about the situation after Battle takes his OSU official and starts comparing and contrasting the two schools in-lieu of a decision.

9. Lloyd Summerall, DE, Auburndale, FL (Auburndale Senior) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-5 | Wt 205 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #152 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Summerall is a Gregory Rousseau clone. His length and speed at his size are unreal and give him a huge advantage over his competition. I also love the way he uses his hands to create space for himself. Obviously he has to put on more weight for the next level, but he has the frame to do just that.

In The Mix: Miami, FSU, Florida, Ohio State, and Georgia are some of Summerall’s favorites.

Latest: Summerall was expected to be in attendance for “Miami Nights” but ended up not being able to make the trip. He also took an unofficial to OSU two weeks back. Many believe it’s only a matter of time before he commits to FSU, but a source tells us the UM staff feels confident with Summerall and he’s saying all the right things to make them believe he’s going to be a Cane in the end. I see this recruitment coming down to the in-state “Big 3” and Miami has a good a chance as anyone to win out.

10. Trey Sanders, RB, Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy) (Last: 9)

Ht 6-0 | Wt 210 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #7 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Sanders is just a freak athlete, plain and simple. He sports incredible burst, balance, and vision, while also showing the awareness to do the little things well, like switching the ball to his outside hand when running. You probably couldn’t create a better RB prospect in a lab.

In The Mix: Miami, Florida, and Alabama are some top schools for Sanders.

Latest: Bama has made a serious move here with Sanders in the past month or so, but his relationship with Thomas Brown is what is keeping UM hanging around here. With his older brother committed to play at UF as a preferred walk-on (and soon to go on scholarship), many, including myself, saw the Gators as the favorite. Miami was trying to work out a situation in which they could take his brother on at UM and, I don’t know if that’s still in play, but it seems this will likely be a business (Bama) vs. family decision (UF) for Sanders, with Bama claiming the most momentum at this point.

11. Darnell Wright, OT, Huntington, WV (Huntington) (Last: 11)

Ht 6-6 | Wt 290 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #5 Overall

Behind The Ranking: A pure left tackle prospect, Wright is an advanced run-blocker and has the frame and athleticism to excel in pass protection with more development. He is also known for being proficient at the mental side of the game.

In The Mix: Ohio State was an early leader, but Tennessee has made a move over the Buckeyes and schools like Miami, Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, and Virginia Tech.

Latest: Wright has continued to maintain that he’ll make it to Coral Gables for a visit in the fall. However, the longer he goes without making a trip or at least making concrete visit plans, the farther UM’s chances will fall to actually get him on campus and land his commitment. Despite Ohio State feeling confident, we’re hearing Tennessee is out in front for now, but summer visits to Clemson and Georgia could change things.

12. Jaquaze Sorrells, DT, Largo, FL (Largo) (Last: 12)

Ht 6-3 | Wt 285 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #133 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Sorrells is well-built, with a college-ready frame. Sorrells has a natural bend about his style of play that lends itself to an ease of movement and agility for a man of his size. He has experience playing both inside and outside and is able to generate a powerful bull-rush with speed/power drives into offensive tackles.

In The Mix: Miami and Clemson are at the peak in Sorrells’ mind, while Florida and Texas A&M are trying to break through here.

Latest: Previously, there was a lot of noise that Sorrells was an imminent commitment to the Oregon Ducks. However, we are hearing Sorrells has cooled on Oregon after deciding he would not fit their 3-4 defense. The Canes are still hanging around for Sorrells and he most recently made a visit to UM for their Junior Day in March. How his relationship develops with new DL coach Jess Simpson over the summer will be essential in landing his commitment, because there won’t be time during the season: Sorrells has set his announcement date on August 27th. I was also told to watch out for Clemson making a move, as their proficiency at developing D-Linemen for the NFL recently has made a big impression on Sorrells.

13. Keon Zipperer, TE, Lakeland, FL (Lakeland) (Last: 14)

Ht 6-2 | Wt 240 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #126 Overall

Behind The Ranking: A flex tight end with wide receiver traits, Zipperer can line up all over the field and make a defense pay in a variety of ways. He has soft hands to reel in passes and creates separation with ease. He’s not just a pass-catcher though, and shows the ability to block with anger and take defenders out of plays.

In The Mix: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida, North Carolina, and Miami are a few that are pushing for Zipperer.

Latest: Zipperer’s most recent trip to a school was to see none other than the Miami Hurricanes, bringing along most of his family on the visit as well. It went well enough that the Canes are still considered one of his favorites, but the Gators are a team that will always be involved here. Zipperer has been teasing on Twitter that he’s leaning towards going out of state for college, which isn’t surprising to me as I’ve heard a few out of state programs feel they’ve made headway with Zipperer. He’s planning trips to programs like UNC, Oklahoma, and Clemson this summer. However, I feel like Todd Hartley’s relationship with Zipperer will be tough to overcome and will at least keep UM in the game until the end.

14. Rian Davis, LB, Apopka, FL (Wekiva) (Last: 15)

Ht 6-3 | Wt 233 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #75 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Davis has the size and athleticism to fit in any defensive scheme. He could transition seamlessly into a 3-4 edge rusher and cause havoc in opponent’s backfields, but he also has the size and instincts to play on the inside in a 4-3 defense if needed.

In The Mix: Davis’ top 12 list includes Miami, UGA, Oregon, Ohio State, Alabama, Texas, Clemson, Louisville, NC State, Indiana, Houston, and Arizona State.

Latest: Davis’ star has really risen in the past few months. Back in February, he was a 3-star recruit, and now he is considered a top 75 overall talent. Georgia is probably the program that is in the driver’s seat for now, with Texas close behind, but there is still time for a school like Miami to make their move, especially now that the linebacker board has cleared up a bit. We’ll know soon just how good of a shot UM has here: Davis is narrowing his list down to a top 3 soon and will decide over the summer sometime right before the season. The Canes want him badly, but if they don’t land Davis, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them shut down linebacker recruiting.

15. Tyler Davis, DT, Apopka, FL (Wekiva) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 293 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #147 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Davis is a bit of a “bull-in-a-china-shop” on the interior, but he also sports outstanding quickness for his size that’s almost surprising at first glance. Davis is able to create leverage easily with a low center of gravity to drive up the field and disrupt plays.

In The Mix: UM, OSU, Clemson, and FSU are the prime contenders for Davis

Latest: As the second Wekiva HS Davis in play for Miami, Tyler has been getting as many visits in as he can before the dead period, seeing Miami, Clemson, Ohio State, FSU all this month. It was very important to get his Miami visit when he did because Davis is planning a summer decision, and he may not get another chance to see Coral Gables before that time comes. While UM is hanging around and he loved meeting Jess Simpson on his visit, I’ve never felt confident that Davis would end up at Miami, and until I hear differently, I’d expect OSU or Clemson to be the choice.

Falling Off

7. Josh Sanguinetti, CB/S: Sanguinetti has really fell down UM’s board lately and there’s a few priorities ahead of him at DB.

8. Chris Steele, CB: Miami decided to part ways with Steele and he canceled his official visit.

13. Deyavie Hammond, OG: I do not expect Miami to continue to vigorously pursue Hammond.
I mean continue to recruit but read between the lines... TS is Campbell 2.0..

I won’t even be mad if we get Battle i stead lf TS.. BATTLE is my favorite recruit, kid is a beast and will pair up great with Hall.
Every time you write UGA as a slight favorite for Rique I cringe.
Bag season for Stevenson.
Bag season for every elite recruit in Florida, this isn’t anything new. My thing is last year they overcame it with multiple recruits and they can do it again. Not saying we will but it’s possible
Say if we do miss on dunmore at receiver, would anyone be against offering kalani Norris? He’s a stud and makes plays against any db he plays against
What “business decision” is uga over Miami? We have put more dbs by FAR in the nfl lately than Georgia and have a top 3 safety and top 3 corner this year
Kirby has placed More defensive players (DB’s) In the league more than anyone at Miami as of recent. Even if he was under Saban, those players are stil on his resume.
Business decision in the 6 fig range in college.

Meanwhile in Miami DB's fall off trees into the league. Please tell me he is not that short sighted smfh.
What “business decision” is uga over Miami? We have put more dbs by FAR in the nfl lately than Georgia and have a top 3 safety and top 3 corner this year
It’s about the most retarded and misguided verbiage out there. If it’s truly a long-term business decision (NFL money, exposure, etc.) and not a short-term business decision (bags right now), then UM is as good a choice as any other marquee program. Too many dopes at keyboards simply regurgitating the SEC hype they’ve been spoon fed like puppets.
Kirby has placed More defensive players (DB’s) In the league more than anyone at Miami as of recent. Even if he was under Saban, those players are stil on his resume.
He’s been at Georgia for 2 years and they haven’t had one db go to the league yet. Meanwhile Miami had all 4 dbs make 53 man rosters in the league from the 2016 team and got a top 3 safety and top 3 corner on the team this year.

You can point to history all you want with Kirby but that’s years ago, Miami is known for dbs in the league too
So all these dudes gaining 15lbs or nah?
What “business decision” is uga over Miami? We have put more dbs by FAR in the nfl lately than Georgia and have a top 3 safety and top 3 corner this year
If its not bags then I with you it doesn't make much sense to me. That is what I have heard everywhere though. Strange.