2019 Freshman 15: July Edition

2019 Freshman 15: July Edition

Stefan Adams
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Welcome to the fifth 2019 edition of the column I like to call “The Freshman 15”. If you’re a first time reader, this will be a focus on the rankings and the order of the top 15 uncommitted (to Miami) recruits the coaching staff is pursuing.

The order will be based mainly on:
  • How likely a recruit is to commit to Miami at the time
  • Skill level
  • Miami's need at their position
This column will be updated throughout the cycle each month and will show movement up or down for each recruit as the list is updated.

The board has undergone plenty of changes in the last month, as some top targets have either chosen other schools or are simply trending away from Miami. The theme this month seems to be committed talent, as the Canes are going after the flip for a few stars that have already made a public choice, with a heavy emphasis on both lines.

Let’s get into the board for July.

1. Evan Neal, OT, Bradenton, FL (IMG Academy) (Last: 1)

Ht 6-7 | Wt 375 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #29 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Neal is the prototypical top player on this board, thanks to his combination of talent, Miami’s need on the line, and the fact that he has family ties to the program. At 6’7” 375 pounds, I just call him “The Wall”. Neal has gone up against numerous top defensive linemen at various events and they were all hopelessly outmatched against him. He’s too big to get around and can overwhelm power rushers that try and go through him, while he is also quick enough to stone speed rushers.

In The Mix: Miami-Bama battle royale.

Latest: Despite some Bama rumors going around, I have not heard anything to sway me from calling Neal a Miami-lean. He gave me an extremely Miami positive vibe in our in-person talk at the Opening and everything I’ve heard from those around his recruitment indicate Miami is still the team to beat. If he locked in with a team right now, that team would likely be Miami. However, since he plans on taking his recruitment through the season, Nick Saban and the Tide still have plenty of time to sway him. Miami is going to have to battle tooth and nail with the national champs until the end to hold on.

2. Mark-Antony Richards, ATH, West Palm Beach, FL (Wellington) (Last: 3)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 190 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #77 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Running back, safety, receiver, quarterback, kicker, don’t matter. The book on Richards is simple: get him on the roster, figure out his position later. He’s that good. His speed and football instincts will play anywhere, and he loves offense, but Richards looks like an impact safety to me.

In The Mix: Miami, Auburn, Florida, Alabama, Ohio State, and others are making Richards think.

Latest: The Canes are still in a very good spot with Richards, and he was on campus for Paradise camp. Similar to Neal, this will be a recruitment that will go to the very end, though, as Richards maintains he wants to give schools like Auburn and Florida a fair shot. While I was skeptical if Richards would end up at Miami and would ultimately decide to blaze his own path, the more I talk with him, the more I get the feeling that he’s simply doing his due diligence and making the most of the process. I am very confident right now that he signs with UM in the end, which will likely be in December.

3. Braylen Ingraham, DT, Fort Lauderdale, FL (St. Thomas) (Last: 6)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 260 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #343 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Ingraham is the type of hybrid prospect the Canes love, with the ability to play both inside and outside on the D-Line. The Hurricanes would likely move him to DT as he continues to grow to allow his speed and athleticism to become a mismatch against slower offensive guards.

In The Mix: Miami is Ingraham’s leader, with Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon, and Kentucky in the game.

Latest: I’ll keep this one short. Ingraham has not been shy to list UM as his leader in the past and he has since showed up to all of UM’s big events lately, joining the rest of a loaded crew at “Miami Nights” last month, as well as Paradise Camp last week. Ingraham has also only made one other trip this summer, an official visit to Kentucky last month. He’s simply waiting to announce his decision on his mother’s birthday (October 23rd) and anything other than Miami would be a complete shock at this point.

4. Kenny McIntosh, RB, Fort Lauderdale, FL (University School) (Last: 7)

Ht 6-1 | Wt 205 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #188 Overall

Behind The Ranking: McIntosh has good burst through line of scrimmage to rip through arm tackles and attacks the second level. He runs with plus effort every time he touches the ball and always keeps his feet moving at first contact. He also surprised me as a receiver out of the backfield, showing great route running ability and quality hands. He’s truly a complete back.

In The Mix: Miami is running in front, with Oklahoma and Auburn also involved.

Latest: Even though McIntosh didn’t end up making it to Paradise Camp last weekend, things are still moving in a positive direction for Miami, and that’s mainly due to a lack of legitimate challengers. Oklahoma seems to be the biggest competition for now, but he still hasn’t visited the Sooners after his flight to Norman was recently canceled. Thomas Brown loves what McIntosh brings to the table as a pure football talent and Canes are expecting McIntosh in this class to pair with Marcus Crowley. I believe that will be the two-man RB class when the dust has settled.

5. Lloyd Summerall, DE, Lakeland, FL (Lakeland) (Last: 9)

Ht 6-5 | Wt 205 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #205 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Summerall is a Gregory Rousseau clone. His length and speed at his size are unreal and give him a huge advantage over his competition. I also love the way he uses his hands to create space for himself. Obviously he has to put on more weight for the next level, but he has the frame to do just that.

In The Mix: Miami, FSU, Florida, Ohio State, and Georgia are some of Summerall’s favorites.

Latest: Summerall was on campus this past weekend for Paradise Camp, and Miami definitely made a positive move on the visit, as he stayed in town overnight. A source tells us the UM staff feels confident with Summerall and he’s saying all the right things to make them believe he’s going to be a Cane in the end. FSU was considered the favorites for the past few months, but I’ve heard Summerall is actually not high on the staff in Tallahassee. It’s actually UF that has made the biggest move lately, and he has begun crystal ball trending to the Gators the past few days. However, with the way they’ve been recruiting, I don’t see anything with Summerall as a done deal at all and I think Miami still has a good chance to win out.

6. Keon Zipperer, TE, Lakeland, FL (Lakeland) (Last: 13)

Ht 6-2 | Wt 240 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #125 Overall

Behind The Ranking: A flex tight end with wide receiver traits, Zipperer can line up all over the field and make a defense pay in a variety of ways. He has soft hands to reel in passes and creates separation with ease. He’s not just a pass-catcher though, and shows the ability to block with anger and take defenders out of plays.

In The Mix: Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida, FSU, North Carolina, and Miami are a few that are pushing for Zipperer.

Latest: Zipperer’s most recent trip to a school was to see none other than the Miami Hurricanes, and he had a good time on his visit to Coral Gables for Paradise. He stayed in town overnight along with Summerall, Larry Hodges, and Jadon Haselwood to hangout with current UM players on the team. The Gators are a team that will always be involved here and the talk is starting to become about package deals for the new teammates of Zipperer and Summerall. Zipperer had been teasing on Twitter that he’s leaning towards going out of state for college, but all indications are that this is a Miami-UF battle, with Alabama as the usual “business decision” option. I feel like Todd Hartley’s relationship with Zipperer will be tough to overcome and will at least keep UM in the game until the end.

7. Tyrique Stevenson, S, Miami, FL (Miami Southridge) (Last: 4)

Ht 6-2 | Wt 200 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #78 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Stevenson just smothers receivers in the passing game and has that rare ability to take half the field away from an opposing offense. The South Dade star runs well for his size and features elite closing speed, while also showing potential as a rangy safety prospect.

In The Mix: This is all Miami and Georgia, with Alabama also making a push for Stevenson’s signature as well.

Latest: This is what I said last month on Stevenson: “I believe Georgia should be considered the slight front-runner for Stevenson at this time and he is also coming off a three day visit to Athens this past weekend. I was told he is currently looking at the next four years like a business decision and, the more he views things in that perspective, the farther it will pull him from the personal and emotional ties he has to UM.” I’ve not heard anything in the last month to move me off that stance. Seems like the rest of the national media is now catching on too, as Georgia has now begun crystal ball trending with Stevenson the past few days. No, I don’t think Miami is out of this just yet, but things are certainly headed in the wrong direction in terms of eventually keeping Stevenson home at UM. In fact, I've heard Stevenson could be making a decision very soon. If so, the choice will be UGA.

8. Khris Bogle, DE, Fort Lauderdale, FL (Cardinal Gibbons) (Last: 5)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 210 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #81 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Bogle makes his living in the opponent backfield and it’s tough for offensive linemen to square up on him with his speed off the edge. While he needs to add weight for the next level, Bogle’s first step is devastating and he has the potential to be a dynamic pass rusher for whichever team lands his services.

In The Mix: Seems like an informal top 6 of Miami, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas A&M, UF, and FSU.

Latest: Similar to Stevenson, I have not been hearing good things on Khris Bogle lately either. While a source declined to go into specifics, I was told that the exact reasons he gave coaches for not coming to Paradise Camp have them much less confident on landing his commitment. Bogle instead hit Tennessee, UF, and FSU all for day visits this past weekend, and has now set up an official to Texas A&M in September. The plan is still to play the process out and take it to Signing Day in February, so Miami does have time to make up ground here.

9. Jadon Haselwood, WR, Ellenwood, GA (Cedar Grove) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-3 | Wt 195 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #3 Overall

Behind The Ranking: The way Haselwood is able to elevate and sky above defenders to make a play is truly jaw-dropping. Haselwood could be completely covered, and his QB will still throw it up to him because he’s that confident that Haselwood will go make and play on it. And the 5-star receiver usually does. He’s just playing at a different level than everyone else at all times and his motion seems effortless as he glides past defenders and under a pass.

In The Mix: Even though he's committed to the Bulldogs, I’ve heard this is a UGA, Miami, and Auburn battle for Haselwood, with OU on the outside looking in.

Latest: Haselwood was the hardest player on this board to rank. He is probably the most talented prospect on this list overall and he is showing some legitimate interest in Miami after visiting UM twice in about two months. However, he still remains committed to UGA, and they should be considered the favorite to sign him until further notice. Miami’s need at WR is also very low and he would be a luxury. Auburn is also involved and he took an unofficial there last month, as well as an official visit to Oklahoma in April. Still, Miami has done an outstanding job to even get themselves into the conversation here, and Haselwood enjoyed his weekend long Paradise trip so much that he stayed both Friday and Saturday nights when most only stayed for one or none. The amount of passing Mark Richt has done the past few years at UM is what has Haselwood intrigued the most, and Miami will continue to sell him on being a superior fit in their offense, compared to the run-heavy scheme that UGA prefers.

10. Kardell Thomas, OG, Baton Rouge, LA (Southern University Lab) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-3 | Wt 355 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #28 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Thomas’ aggression and mean-streak are no joke, and that’s a scary proposition at his size. He is simply nasty in his demeanor and his goal is to pummel you into submission. That’s only part of the equation, though. Due to his overly physical play, I think it’s also lost on some how sound he is technique wise with his hands and quick feet.

In The Mix: The LSU commit is also considering schools like USC, Penn State, Oklahoma, Miami, and FSU.

Latest: Last time we talked to Thomas, he was adamant that he would take all five of his official visits and that they would be to USC, Penn State, Oklahoma, Miami, and LSU, where he is currently committed. However, it sounds like FSU really made an impression this weekend when he visited for their camp, and now they have to be considered in the mix for an official. Could that bump a school like Miami off an OV? That remains to be seen, but Thomas did love his visit to UM last month and told me at the Opening just how hard UM is pushing for him.

11. Quashon Fuller, DT, Lehigh Acres, FL (Lehigh Senior) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-4 | Wt 275 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #201 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Listed as an end by most sites, Fuller also plays DT and looks mighty comfortable on the inside. His rip move is so violent and you’re just taken back by the ease at which he was throwing some of the top O-Linemen out of his way. Fuller looks like a budding star at the position with the top-tier speed and hands to give larger, slower offensive guards fits.

In The Mix: The FSU commit is looking around at programs like Miami, Georgia, Alabama, and UF.

Latest: Fuller was scheduled to be in Coral Gables for the Friday portion of Paradise Camp, but he was unable to make the event. He was, however, on campus last month for UM’s big Miami Nights event, and spent the time furthering his bond with the coaching staff, something he maintains is a big factor for him. Another big factor for Fuller? He has admitted that success on the field is something he will consider and pay attention to, so a big season in 2018 for Miami will only help land this talented lineman. Fuller also took visits to UF and UGA last month. Miami is in prime position to pull off a flip and another ace for UM is that he has family in the Miami area.

12. JJ Weaver, DE, Louisville, KY (Moore Traditional School) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-6 | Wt 240 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #309 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Weaver is an athletic specimen that plays all over the field for Moore. You see Weaver lining up at defensive end, linebacker, and tight end, but with his size and fluidity, most schools are going after him as a DE. He seems at his best stopping the run, but he certainly has the raw physical tools to develop more of a pass rush in the next coming years.

In The Mix: Miami, Louisville, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Syracuse, Purdue, and Cincinnati are involved for Weaver.

Latest: Weaver is originally from Lauderhill and grew up in the area before moving to Kentucky recently. He still considers himself a Broward boy, so Miami has a claim to be the “home team” in this recruitment. Up until recently, only smaller Power 5 schools were really after Weaver, but UM has gotten back in the game lately and secured an official visit for October 5th weekend, which is the FSU game. With a decision scheduled for November 3rd and no other OV's scheduled, UM is in a good spot right now. He’s also already burned two OV’s on Cincinnati and Purdue over the summer. If Miami seriously pushes for him, there’s nobody currently involved with Weaver that can compete with the Canes. His stock has been rising though, and I think you could see bigger programs start to get involved with him as the cycle goes along and top targets make their decisions. Georgia is one that has already offered and would obviously be a thorn in UM’s side if they started making Weaver a priority.

13. Cornelius Nunn, S, Miami, FL (Miami Palmetto) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-0 | Wt 170 | 247 Composite: 3-Star, #644 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Nunn flies all over the field, showing great range and recovery speed. It’s Nunn’s length that really sets him apart though, as he’s just able to get to so many more passes and tip away close calls. Receivers find it very difficult to separate from him and it seems Nunn’s only improving every time I see him.

In The Mix: Nunn is committed to Syracuse, but other schools, including the Canes, have continued to push for him.

Latest: With the departure of Jordan Battle and Brendan Gant from the ranks of the uncommitted and Miami souring on Josh Sanguinetti, it seems like it’s Nunn that is next up on the target list at safety and he has the versatility to play corner as well. After Miami re-offered him before Paradise Camp, Nunn further solidified himself as a take at the event with a big performance. If it was up to him, Nunn would already be committed right now, but he comes from an FSU family. This is another recruitment where UM is working against mom and getting mom on board is UM’s biggest hurdle as she’s not high on the Canes, but the good thing is that it seems FSU is full at DB and won’t come through with an offer. If Miami really wants him, they have to keep pushing and recruit the entire family.

14. Darnell Wright, OT, Huntington, WV (Huntington) (Last: 11)

Ht 6-6 | Wt 290 | 247 Composite: 5-Star, #9 Overall

Behind The Ranking: A pure left tackle prospect, Wright is an advanced run-blocker and has the frame and athleticism to excel in pass protection with more development. He is also known for being proficient at the mental side of the game.

In The Mix: Ohio State was an early leader, but Tennessee and Alabama have now made a move over the Buckeyes and schools like Miami, Clemson, Georgia, and Virginia Tech.

Latest: I’m keeping him on the board purely for his talent level and because he continues to say good things about Miami in interviews. In our last chat at the Opening, Wright maintained that he’ll make it to Coral Gables for an official visit in the fall. However, the longer he goes without making a trip or at least making concrete visit plans, the farther UM’s chances will fall to actually get him on campus and land his commitment. Despite Ohio State feeling confident in the past, we’re hearing Tennessee is out in front for now, but Alabama is making a move and Wright paid his own way to get to an Alabama camp last weekend after previously saying it was money that was preventing him from visiting schools too far from home.

15. Mike Morris, DT, Delray Beach, FL (American Heritage B/D) (Last: NR)

Ht 6-5 | Wt 255 | 247 Composite: 4-Star, #319 Overall

Behind The Ranking: Morris has the ability to play either outside or inside effectively. He’s very long and is almost slippery getting off blocks to make a play on the ball-carrier. He needs to get stronger in his lower half, but he shows the type of strong and quick hands that could make him an asset as a push rusher on the interior of the D-Line.

In The Mix: Miami and Michigan are serious threats to flip Morris from his FSU commitment.

Latest: After spending all off-season recovering from an injury, Morris has kind of been a forgotten man and his star has dimmed a bit. Despite being an FSU legacy, I don’t believe at all that he will end up at FSU, as new coach Willie Taggart has not prioritized him at all and that has really strained the relationship with the family. However, Miami has been working against mom for a while now and there’s still effort to be made to get her on board. That’s why the current favorite should be considered Michigan, and they started crystal ball trending in the past few days. If Miami really started pushing hard, they’d have more of a shot, but with Ingraham and Fuller the clear top two targets at DT and now three DT commits at the moment, Morris seems like a guy that is simply being kept on the radar.

Falling Off

2. Michael Johnson Jr., QB: Essentially a PSU lock.

8. Jordan Battle, S: Committed to Ohio State.

10. Trey Sanders, RB: As of the last time we talked with him, UM had not been in touch lately. He was never coming to Miami anyways.

12. Jaquaze Sorrells, DT: Contact with Miami has fallen off.

14. Rian Davis, LB: Committed to UGA.

15. Tyler Davis, DT: If he ends up staying in-state, it will be at FSU, not Miami.

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Amazing how much can change within a month timespan 😪 , last month MJJ was as high as #2, TS was at #4, Bogle directly behind him at #5 & Haselwood wasn’t even on the list, let alone top 10. I truly believe a winning season can reel those targets back in, potentially flip #9, and get #14 interested in us again.
The Tyler Davis sniippit is a real kick in the groin.
Evan Neal is the most essential piece to this class, he could start next season day 1.

I hate hearing Stevenson is making a business decision. Since when is coming to Miami bad for making the league. Makes me think business decision again sounds like bags being dropped!
Just don't understand how going to UGA is a "business decision" unless that is just plain code for UGA is paying. What CBs have they put in the league worth anything recently? Bama or LSU or OSU I could see calling that a "business decision".
Just don't understand how going to UGA is a "business decision" unless that is just plain code for UGA is paying. What CBs have they put in the league worth anything recently? Bama or LSU or OSU I could see calling that a "business decision".

It's $$$$$$
Just don't understand how going to UGA is a "business decision" unless that is just plain code for UGA is paying. What CBs have they put in the league worth anything recently? Bama or LSU or OSU I could see calling that a "business decision".
It’s code for bag$ being dropped
I like this top-15 list that you're doing.

It's a fine addition to the site.

I think our DL recruiting will end up well in the '19 class. And our '20 DL class could be really strong.

I'm feeling more optimistic about Simpson's recruiting ability - and I wasn't negative before - just didn't know a whole lot about him.
Just don't understand how going to UGA is a "business decision" unless that is just plain code for UGA is paying. What CBs have they put in the league worth anything recently? Bama or LSU or OSU I could see calling that a "business decision".

I believe that’s what it’s code for. That’s why I’m not putting this on the coaches. They’ve recruited this kid with everything they had, except money, which we can’t do.
I am especially sad about TS and Bogle... Positions of need and great talents right in our backyard and we will miss. Quite a shame.
bogle is on campus today according to ivins
What reason did Bogle give for not coming to Paradise???
Hi Stefan. What if bogle wants in? Do they take 5 DE’s? Or is someone dropped for bogle