2015 Saftey Expects Great Season

2015 Saftey Expects Great Season

Tito Benach
2015 Safety Calvin Brewton will be playing his first year of Varsity football for the Columbus Explorers (Fla.) this upcoming year.

While many look at the Explorers' path to the state title a very difficult one, Brewton does not seemed to be worried.

"We're going to be great this year and that's all I gotta say, even though we got the toughest schedule in Miami-Dade County, we're going to be great."

Brewton is quite the prospect himself, as he is beginning to garner interest from schools like FSU, Florida, Alabama, Oregon and Miami.

The 2015 prospect has interest in Miami saying, "there is nothing like staying in your hometown, instead of going hours away from your family."

The young safety got a chance to speak with coach Paul Williams and had good remarks about him saying, "He is a good coach. What he always does is tell you to keep working hard and I like that."

Brewton has an idea of what he is looking for in a college when he chooses, "I'm looking for a school based on academics and I can fit at with my skills," and "a place where I can live around the campus."

Columbus has an early season matchup against highly ranked St. Thomas Aquinas. Brewton spoke about the upcoming game saying, "that will be a good match up" and " the better team will come out on top that day."

Comments (4)

This kid is the real Deal.. people around the Columbus program have already been comparing him to Deon Bush

You can see how big he is already as a sophomore

Interesting, if this guy is really legit then the 2015 safety talent in Miami unprecedented levels of elite. Jaquan Johnson, Tim Irvin, and now this guy.

Will be interested to see how he performs this year