2015 QB Tiano Talks Miami Offer

2015 QB Tiano Talks Miami Offer

Tito Benach
2015 Baylor (Ten.) quarterback Nick Tiano had to work with a new set of offensive teammates including new receivers and offensive linemen. Despite the lack of experience around him, Tiano made it work.

“We had a pretty good season, we played a lot of tough teams. I had about 1,800 all-purpose yards and 15 or 16 touchdowns. We started four new offensive linemen this year and had three new starting receivers this year and we kinda all grew together and I had a pretty good year.”

Tiano is still looking to raise his game this offseason and he’s taking the mental aspect of the game seriously.

“I think it’s consistency and studying the game more. I know I can make all the throws, but I want to be able to beat the defense with my mind like Peyton Manning does. Be able to know where I’m going with the ball and just the mental part of the game.”

When it comes to recruiting, the 6’5 230 pound quarterback holds one offer.

“Last Wednesday night Coach (James) Coley sent me a message on Twitter and he said he was really impressed with my film and that he thinks I’m talented. He said he wanted to offer me, he just wanted to see me go through a workout. So I went to the stadium and threw about 40 balls. On Saturday night I called him and he watched it and he told me he really liked it and that they wanted to offer me a scholarship.”

Tiano did share his thought on Miami and what he likes about the school.

“Miami’s a program that everybody always knows, they’ve historically been a great team. It’s the only university that people can call ‘The U.' It’s big time football and it’s exciting. I’m gonna go down for a visit March 22nd and see the spring practice and meet Coach Coley in person and spend some time in Miami and the campus.”

The Tennessee native was unfamiliar with the Hurricanes until being offered, but has done a good amount of research on the team and seems highly intrigued.

“I’ve been doing some research. I found out it’s a private school, not too big like the state schools with 40,000 students. I’ve heard the campus is awesome and watching the teams of the recent years it only looks like they’re getting better. We had a guy from our division two years ago named Corn Elder go down there, so I’m trying to reach out to him and see what he has to say.”

Other schools that are in contact with the Baylor School product include Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arizona, Penn State, Duke, Florida State, Auburn and West Virginia.

While the dual-threat passer doesn’t hold any other offers besides Miami, he’s expecting more to come in by the end of the year.

“No, not right now but Coach Coley told me to be ready because I’m gonna start picking up a lot of offers.”

As far as visit go, Tiano is looking to head up to Tennessee soon as well as West Virginia for their Junior Day.

When asked when he would like to make his decision, the summer time is what he is aiming for.

“I think if I go on a few visits and by the summer I’ve kinda got a place I really like, I think I’ll be ready to make a decision then before our season starts.”

Academics will be paramount to Tiano’s decision as well as his comfort level on campus.

“I think I want to go to a school with great academics because at the end of the day it’s about getting an education. I want to go somewhere where I fit in the offense well and somewhere I can enjoy my time as a student-athlete and have some fun things to do outside of football. Like in Miami, go to Miami Heat games and just a place where I can just sit down and talk to coaches.”


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Definitely seems interested, lets see if Coley brings him in.
That's not a comparison I was expecting to see...
Liked this kids high lights. I'm pretty shocked that he doesn't have any other offers yet.
no impressed by his highlights. has good touch on short and intermediate routes, drops the ball in nice. doesn't look to have a big time arm.
Game manager in the mold of McCarron, Leinart, Dorsey imo.
The more talent the better. I would love to see Gibson over any other dual threat, but more talent means more competition, which makes the team better.
What I see too. He sets up well. Establishes a nice base. Release looks a little low for a guy reported to be 6-5. Nice touch on the ball. Was impressed that in one scene he scrambled down near the goal line, then reset his feet before throwing a strike. Don't think he's going to cause much panic to opposing defenses on the college level with either his mobility or arm strength, but again good looking prospect. And, btw, I don't think he has a weak arm, just doesn't have a canon.

Game manager in the mold of McCarron, Leinart, Dorsey imo.
I'm the minority here.

The way this kid move in the pocket, not panicking, physical tools, for a junior....

I think the opinions on this kid will change a lot and we will be happy to have offered before everyone else.
Dude moves great for his size. I hope Corn puts in some work as well, recruiting him. Glad the kid is looking for academics...that should rule out WV.

Coley has a good eye for talent...I trust him.