2014 QB Flowers Talks Big Win

2014 QB Flowers Talks Big Win

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
The Jackson General pulled off one of the biggest surprises in the first round of the playoffs last night, as QB Quinton ‘Winky’ Flowers led his team to 39-23 victory over heavily favored American Heritage Plantation.

“I’m not surprised we won. We worked hard in practice all week studying their plays so we had on our mind coming into the game that we had to ball out and play hard. We’re always gonna have people doubting us, but we just have to play our game and keep fighting and winning. We’re enjoying the win now, but once Monday comes, it’s strictly business.”

Not many people gave the Generals a chance going into the game, but the Jackson star doesn’t mind the doubters.

“It feels great to prove people wrong. I like making the people who want us to lose get mad. All these people weren’t with us in practice shooting in the gym.”

Flowers threw for two touchdowns, along with rushing for two, and sealing the game with a 40-yard interception for touchdown.

“I knew I had to take over. I knew going into the game that they weren’t gonna let me throw so I had to run. Once I used my legs, it was over for them. I just had to do it for my team.”

While Flowers feels more comfortable at QB and that is what he wants to play at the next level, he spoke about playing some defense last night.

“It felt great. I can really play any position, but I’m a quarterback. When they put me in, I knew I had the ability to read the quarterback’s eyes and make a play on the ball. The only thing on my mind was score, score, score.”

When I interviewed Flowers a couple months ago, he said recruiting was going slowly for him, but now he has a reason why.

“The recruiting process is the same. I have to talk to take a couple of tests (SAT/ACT) before I talk to a couple of schools. They wanna see the scores before they offer me, but my grades are great.”

He expanded on what schools he would like to hear from.

“Oregon hasn’t really talked to me yet, but I’m interested in them. I feel like I’d be a good fit in their offense because we run the same thing here. I’m still waiting on UM too. As soon as I take the test, the coach said they’ll talk to me. They told me I have to take the test before anything can happen.”

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Any kid who drops a Rick Ross line in an interview is deserving of an offer in my book
That Rozay's line man.. it's famous because of him

Either way, he does deserve an offer because he's a baller
Chip Kelly should be insulted that he claimed him and Jackson's coaching staff run the same offense