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Youth football in SoFla

Jun 18, 2016
I didn't want to post on the Viceland thread because odds are I won't watch the show.

I am figuring it will be yet another "inside look at the slimy underworld of youth football in the Miami area exposing all that's wrong with kids' sports" blah blah blah blah blah.

IDGAF about "corruption" in the Greater Miami Pop Warner League any more than I do about which programs are cheating on the recruiting trail. It is what it is. At at the end of the day, so what.

But what I wish the show was about instead (and if I'm wrong, I'll happily admit and enjoy the re-airing) is just how F***ING GREAT youth football is in Dade/Broward/PB.

There are a number of things that make metro Miami unique, but my favorite is that there is no other inner city in America where football is so deeply woven into the culture --- it just means so damn much to so many people.

In NY, LA, Chi, DC, Philly, even Dallas, Houston and Atlanta — basketball is the first choice for most kids who are looking for a way out via sports.

But in Miami — ain't no doubt football is No. 1. People eat, sleep and breathe it from the time kids are kindergarten-aged all the way through high school (and when the Canes got our S**T together, through college, too). I truly believe that passion in unsurpassed anywhere.

Some folks with no stake in the community can complain what's wrong with youth football in SoFla, but I'd rather praise what's right.