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Would Coach Morris forego his final year w a buyout?

BP Joe

Jan 25, 2013
I have no interest in getting into the whole "he said, she said" nonsense on this board lately, but am interested in opinions on my question. It happens all the time, especially when the coach/leader is known to be a lame duck.

If it doesn't happen, I'd like to see Gino take over more of the game day coaching, e.g. Coach Morris was obviously still giving signs and making in game strategy decisions and player substitutions. What better year than 2018 for Gino to get his feet wet on head coaching decisions - with his freshmen and a year that is likely to be a rebuilding one at best.


Redshirt Freshman
Apr 27, 2017
It's a good question. I can see the allure of getting paid next year just to spend time with his son. That said I don't think he'll want to leave after his worst season, and I honestly don't even see it getting proposed. I really don't see Gino getting more responsibilities if Morris stays. I wouldn't want to the get the blame for Gino learning on the job.