Women have a BIG game tonight vs ND

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Oct 3, 2017
People forget that this isn't the first time Miami has beaten a highly ranked ND team at home. With Money Mot and JT3, Miami rolled ND a couple of years back. I think this team is far more complete than that squad, so this win was a bit more impressive. This team is good enough to find itself hosting a regional this year. The problem is that Miami has been screwed by the committee throughout the Meier era, with few exceptions.
I agree we have had some big wins. But the dynamic here is much greater. We have 2 ligitimate bigs I don't ever remember that.
That really seperates you from most teams.Hoff is a senior so this is the year.
Also it's the best game in town so the press is starting to give it more coverage along with our ranked status and a very high seed possibility. And if they keep the turnovers down we are showing depth with Mason as an example. We have something special and Katie knows it and has had that twinkle in her eye all year. I love it in her post game she said we beat a very good team but I think we are a very good team.

However all of this must be tempered in knowing that our next 3 ACC games are on the road.
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