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What time is the scrimmage tomorrow?


Jan 17, 2017
I hate this Illuminati secrecy when it comes to practice and scrimmages. All these other winning programs let at least the media see and film wants going on and they still win 10, 11 games. To be frank, I'm tired of hearing from sources and making assuming off that. I wish Pete could actually see the team most if not the whole practice with his own eyes and make observations on that. This is the only thing Al Golden got right was the media was able to access the team. I wish they would do all this strict stuff only for like FSU Week or a big game then it would make sense, but when you don't do a real spring game then Media has very limited access it frustrating following the team. SMH.

Coaches can be as secretive as they want but at the end of the day coaches gotta coach on the fly and make adjustments when need be unless it a Wake Forest type situation. The Media being able to get practice footage of like drills is nothing since most of that stuff is common knowledge.