What do recruits see anymore in uf and mceltooth


Aug 4, 2012
Two seasons with four losses apiece. I just looked up some mock drafts for
This year and saw uf could have tabor, Wilson, and brantley in the first round and Davis and maye in the second round. He was left a loaded team with NFL guys and couldn't do better than four losses? Plus he has had a ton of skill on offense and good linemen (Powell, Scarlett, Calloway etc).

I could understand a recruit being excited by Meyer there or Spurrier. But any reasonably intelligent recruit could see that he has underachieved with what he inherited.
I think some kids want to go experience that small town college atmosphere. And they have that working in their favor.
If you want a few thousand hot college girls within walking distance and house parties every 100 yards gainesville has a lot more to offer in that aspect.
Small college town experience, white strange growing on trees and zero accountability for your actions.... and geographically, its the second best option to Miami, so they're not home, but close.
I can see it if you're a defensive recruit. You're high if you want to go play in that offense. Gainesville is a great college experience but it probably isn't for everyone.
Sec comp NFL pipeline db u and they grew up with Them winning......... Bags too

People wanted to play for golden for gods sake
Let them. They'll continue to lose, too. I hope McElTooth remains the UF coach for the unforeseeable future.
When they were kids Florida was winning championships

Bingo...And thats the difference between us and some of these other schools who haven't been winning and still getting top kids. Are whole brand has been tarnished most of these kids before this year probably couldn't even remember the last time we won a bowl game let alone a NC. Hate to say it but its almost getting to the point that I have explain to my kids how we were once a dominant program like my Dad had to tell me how Unlv's basketball program was once dominant. I still have faith Richt will change this and restore our brand but I don't think its as easy as some of you think.
I don't know why it's so hard to understand that having a stadium on campus, especially one like the swamp is HUGEEEEEE. Check the books since we left the OB, it's terrible. I know it wasn't on campus but it was UM's stadium that never failed the get rowdy. Kids are lookin to play in atmospheres like that and no matter who the coach is, they'll always have that.
There's no palatable reason for any local U area kid to turn traitor and become a Gayturd. Get your priorities straight.
I would say if you've been following UF recruiting most UF fans are actually asking "why can't this staff land big time prospects?" more than anything. Recruiting has not been a strength under McElwain...like at all. His transition class was in the 20s which isn't entirely his fault given we were in the 90's when he took over. But his bump class finished at 12 and had tons of holes, like not signing a DT and only landing two on the OL despite wanting to sign 4-5 among other things. There's hype about a major close this year but I'll believe it when it happens.

But as to what recruits may see? Who the **** knows, but if they close like is rumored then I'd guess:

1. UF was winning championships when these kids were growing up so there are still some holdover fans
2. SEC pull
3. Lots and lots of PT

Plus even though I think its a hollow accomplishment given the fact that the East sucks and we've gotten embarrassed by most of the ranked teams we play, the staff can sell a better future by pitching recruits that they're the missing piece to get over the hump and knock off a Bama in the SEC Title game. They don't see all those things like a fan that follows closely would, all they see/hear is that UF has been in the SEC Title game for two straight years while building.
Any chance we have that tweet from the UF player (my career would of been better if I didn't go to UF) framed and hanging up somewhere in the facilities for all future tours of recruits?