Week 2 CIS Mailbag

Feb 7, 2013
What’s your take on the Big10 and Pac12.

If one of them somehow manages to pull a season out of their ass, and start playing sometime mid October, and only are able to get in eight games, should that be taken into consideration as far as playoff time?

Personally I think it’s a travesty that they would play three or four less games and still be allowed to play in the playoffs.


Player of the year
Nov 2, 2011
If Mike Rump isn't the answer like many believe, who do you think will be on our radar as a replacement? Does Likens go out of South Florida to find the WR talent that's needed or do you think he falls into the "there's so much talent in the Miami area that you don't need to go out of area" old mindset?


Jan 27, 2013
Do you see this game vs L-Ville as one of the biggest games we have played in years .......

How important is this game in Mannys career considering he does not have a signature win to date.......

If Blake Baker does not produce in this game do you think Manny will get even more involved w/ the defense.........

Lance Roffers

Staff member
Feb 23, 2018
1. Can you ask @DMoney to give you a raise on my behalf?

2. Can you pay @Liberty City El to write a column about recruits?

3. Can you ask @Lance Roffers to post more about analytics? I love that stuff.

4. Can we get a column with in depth explanation of X's and O's for those of us who don't have deep knowledge?

5. Why is Louisville so highly touted?

I got you covered on numbers 3 & 4. Should have my film review up tonight at some point and it will get into both items a bit.

Cane Fan 4 Life

Redshirt Freshman
Nov 28, 2012
What’s the word with Cam’ron’s knee injury?

Will we look to get our TEs used more in the passing game?

With our success running the ball last week, do we look to establish it early against Louisville?

What should Louisville’s game plan be both offensively and defensively coming into the game?

What will (should) Baker try to do in an effort to contain Tutu Atwell?

Against UAB, we saw first-hand how successful King was extending numerous plays with his feet when the pocket collapsed or the play was broken. Will we see more QB designed runs against Louisville or just see King improvising again?


Oct 10, 2017
What is your current view regarding the theory that the English victory at Waterloo had less to do with the tactical skill and battlefield strategy of the Duke of Wellington and more to do with Napoleon suffering from some manner of painful bowel affliction which hindered him from from fulfilling his duties on the day of the battle? And, what is the significance of this in light of the current blitzing strategies that continue to be employed by Diaz & Baker.

Luke Caneswalker

Grad Transfer
Dec 25, 2018
I know Julio Frenk sees the value of us having a successful football team but who was the last president if any that made football a premium focus for our school.