We need to re-create Nov 25th, 1989...


Nov 20, 2011
for me, if there were two sporting events I could go into the hot-tube time machine it would be Ali-Frazier I at the famed Madison Square Garden(March 8th, 1971, the only real 'fight of the century') and Miami-Notre Dame on Nov. 25th, 1989 at the Orange Bowl. And that rivalry in the 80's was the Ali-Frazier of college football.

I still remember this game being on a Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend and how much CBS played it up. Their broadcast was incredible that night with the intro narrated by Jim Nantz in a darkened Orange Bowl and the graphics at the end with the leprechaun getting blown away by the howling winds as Miami pulled away.

But I've talked to people who were at both events and for Miami fans there is nothing like that particular night. The whole tailgate scene is legendary. As was the hostility towards ND fans(yeah, f'em, they deserved it). It's been described to me as the most electric night in UM history and one of the great nights ever at 'the Grand Ol Lady of South Florida.'The energy radiated off the television screen and a young man 3000 miles away in Montebello(a suburb of Los Angeles) was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Found this on Youtube earlier tonight


This particular game is in my Mt. Rushmore of all-time great/favorite Miami wins.

This Saturday night we need to replicate this. Mark the return of the Miami Hurricanes as a marquee program and official mark Hard Rock Stadium as one of the great home field advantages in college football. I will toe a fine line between drinking heavily and getting juiced up so I can be a rabid maniac wherever a I sit and making sure I can actually be sober(enough) to remember the actual game.

As Lou Saban said before a game: 'We can get it done, most of all - you GOTTA get it done.'


Nov 7, 2017
I love the old school stuff but you need to stop living in the past. I understand though it's been a long time. Just win the game protect this house.


Redshirt Freshman
Nov 5, 2011
Greatest game I've ever witnessed.

Tailgating was out of control.

Crowd was rabid. Anyone who doesn't believe that collective emotion can effect the outcome of game, did not attend this one.

Left the game with my ears ringing more than any rock concert.

Unbelievable experience.

U Got It

Oct 29, 2017
New era in football.No more Orange bowl, no more of the true swagger that started it all.
Look at how anybody that wants to celebrate like the old days of Miami now gets penalized for it.
The "Canes are back" is cool, but the past can never be re-lived, that goes for anything in life, you
just can't re-live the past cause it usually doesn't come out like you would want it to.
But the memories are there for every fan to enjoy.Make new memories with new victories & in the future
they will want to be like we are now.