Walton Injury—Offensive Line

Earnest T. Bass

Dec 14, 2016
It is heartbreaking to lose Mark Walton due not only to his extraordinary running ability, but his warrior mentality that helped drive the offense and entire team.

While it would be foolish not to discuss who will replace Mark, it does ask the question…will the offensive line see and accept the loss of Mark as a challenge?

For most of the FSU game the offensive line’s run blocking was all but missing in action. Towards the end of the game Travis Homer tore off a couple of nice runs...when the FSU defense was almost strictly looking for the pass.

Additionally, not only does our run blocking need significant improvement, but pass blocking must also show progress if we are going to enjoy continued success in the win/loss column and be a factor in the ACC or playoffs.

Separately, Georgia Tech will have had two weeks to prepare for our Canes. They will also have had time to rest and heal. This is not an insignificant advantage. While celebrating the fantastic FSU win is well deserved (my liver will testify to that), it is time to seriously prepare for a very good Georgia Tech team…for if not, the FSU success will be greatly diluted should the Canes stumble in which the normal suspects will take great pleasure in knocking the Canes way down in the polls.


Nov 3, 2011
Homer’s conditioning will be biggest factor for a couple games imho.

Hope Gray and Burns and Dallas are ready to share about half the load.

I think by VT and ND Homer is handling 80%

/ and we need to expect a fumble here and there. Walton was a freak w not losing the ball.