Upon Further Review- Florida State

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Nov 3, 2011
Lance, I have another question -- it feels like FSU guys were open in several of your screenshots, but the QB just couldn't get it to them in time given our pass rush. What conclusions can you draw when thinking about Louisville's mobile QB?
Virginia's QB is better and just as mobile.

Lance Roffers

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Feb 23, 2018
Is there a full game replay..I'm in Cuba and can't get on watch ESPN ..the condensed version is good..but I want to see the WHOLE thing..can anyone help me!!!
ACC Network is killing them on YouTube. It sucks.


Aug 3, 2012
CB stayed over top, underneath defender wasn’t deep enough. That’s why FSU DB threw his hands Out.

Wiggins ran a great route and just surprised with his speed. Give him credit.
Thanks. I was curious if you could tell what the defensive call was. I'm not taking anything away from our effort, clearly we've played sloppy football against less athletic opponents, but I do feel like FSU was pretty suspect in their gameplan. You mentioned the lack of stunting already.


Dec 19, 2012
Few things..

*Unless Knowles singlehandedly loses us a game the rest of the season, time to leave him the F alone. Buddy has been steady and had a damn good game against FSU and we will need him big time now that Bolden is out. I trust him more then I trust Carter and who would have said that 6 months ago?

*JW can settle into the pocket now because this OL might have finally come into its own before our eyes. No more thinking as soon as he drops back that 2-3 guys are going to be in his face immediately. He can remain calm in the pocket and you see what can happen when he does that. He can be damn good. Talk about a coach who might have saved his job in the last few weeks when everyone wanted his head on a stake. (Butch Barry)

*Unless McCloud is better then we all thought, I think we are going to miss Shaq big time next year in the middle of that defense. Nothing comes through that middle without him taking its head off. Akers and the FSU fans were reminded quickly that he aint Dalvin Cook. He was rendered average by the middle of that D (Ford, Miller, Bethel, Nesta) with Shaq cleaning things up.

*Time to leave Banda and Rumph alone officially. Are they great recruiters? No. But those two step up when faced with adversity and never make excuses when $hit happens. (Bolden getting hurt and Knowles being thrown out there) The entire secondary has played well and will only get better. For those CBs to be on an island against those WRs practically the entire game and not have given up one big play? That's coaching folks.
I think Akers will be a very good pro - but he can't block for himself.